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The Genius Reflection Practice

a 10 minute daily journaling practice to reveal your inner genius + a companion ebook to help you see why this works
are you wanting to understand your unique genius more clearly to shape your career path ahead?

The genesis of this practice:

I developed The Genius Reflection Practice when I was exploring the possibility to make a career transition.  At the time I was a Managing Director at a nonprofit organization - a job I loved for many years.  In my heart I felt a calling to make a daring leap to start my own business sharing my own ideas as a coach and speaker. This felt like my next level of passion and purpose. But I worried: could I really do this? 

To help myself decide, I journaled daily for several weeks around 4 questions. And the answers that came through from these 4 questions validated my dream! I saw that coaching and speaking was clearly my genius and that I had already been expressing these gifts in the world; they just were not my primary role at the time. Out of this practice, I had data proving to me that this was my right direction. And so, with clarity and confidence, I gracefully left my role and started my own business.

Since creating The Genius Reflection Practice for myself, I've shared it with several clients over the last decade. It is clear to me the results that are possible and the ideal timing when this practice can help you most.


This practice works best for you when:

- you feel ready to make a career shift toward greater alignment,

- you have  ideas about your career path that feel exciting,

- yet you don't feel fully clear and confident about your direction.

Results you can expect out of this practice:

- you feel confident and trust yourself and your genius,

- you feel free to release work that drains you,

- you enjoy fun, ease, and impact your professional life, and

- you feel fulfilled by creating a better world through your work. 

About the practice + the ebook:

The Genius Reflection Practice is a daily journaling practice of 4 questions that when you answer them day-after-day your inner genius is ultimately reflected back to you. 

So that you can understand the wisdom around how and why this practice works, I wrote an ebook for you!  This ebook is free to download and contains pretty workbook pages to help you do the practice with joy and ease. 

The ebook guides you through important wisdom about:

- what genius is,

- how to recognize your genius (it's not what you think!),

- 3 reasons you don't recognize your genius as genius, and

- how to do The Genius Reflection practice.

How to begin:

If you feel ready for The Genius Reflection Practice, I recommend that you read the ebook first so that you understand genius and the process of the practice. Then, set aside 21-days to do the practice consistently.


For the newbies!

This section is for you if you are brand new to the questions of:

- who am I?

- what do I want?

- how can I contribute to the world through my work?

If you are just beginning to tune out of social conditioning and tune into your own true desires, it may be too early in your journey for The Genius Reflection Practice.

This practice is most effective you have been on a self awareness and personal growth journey for at least a year, and you have a sense of who you are, what lights you up, and where you want to help others. You don't have to know with 100% certainty what your path will look like, but you do want to have some hopes and dreams in mind like I did.

For newbies, I recommend you spend time tuning into the wisdom of your heart through my daily 3 minute meditation:

- The Heart Practice 

And, I recommend these blogs to feed your intellectual mind at this earlier stage of exploring your true self:

- How Fun Helps Create Career Clarity

- How to Explore Your Genius with Volunteer Projects

- 6 Steps to Create Career Fulfillment

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