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Feminine Genius


Hi, I'm Gina Marotta, a transformational teacher, coach, and women's potential expert. My vision is to empower women to create a more peaceful, loving, and inclusive world through their work. I have created an original body of work to cultivate what I call: “Feminine Genius.”

Feminine genius includes your natural-born talents (your genius), and, your often best, yet most untapped gifts: of being intuitive, spiritual, creative, non-linear and collaborative (your feminine energy). Once Feminine Genius is sparked, my experience is that women experience joy, ease, and fulfillment at work and also create miraculous results to create a better world.

I successfully transitioned my legal career from practicing law exclusively in masculine genius (opposing arguments, competition, and winning/losing) to introducing feminine genius into the legal realm (peacemaking, collaboration, and restorative healing). I wrote about this experience as a Contributing Author to the book Readings in Restorative Justice with my essay titled “2 Women Proving that Feminine Genius is on the Rise in Law and Justice”

From 2006-2012, I served as the Founding Managing Director for Step Up Women’s Network in Chicago, IL implementing and upleveling empowerment programming for professional women and teen girls to elevate into their higher career potential. During my tenure at Step Up, I received various awards such as: Top 100 Emerging Leaders Under 50, one of 100 Women Making a Difference, and Graduate of the Last Decade by my alma mater.

I currently offer 1-on-1 career and business coaching, speak at events and conferences, and write and share about feminine genius over the airwaves. So you'll find me on podcasts and elsewhere in the media like Thrive Global, The Huffington Post, American Bar Association Magazine, Barron's Next Magazine, and WGN Radio. 

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The Feminine GeniusTeam

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Marcy Farrey

Communications Strategist

Marcy's genius is authentic, impactful storytelling. Her passion includes supporting spiritually-focused entrepreneurs to share their stories to grow their businesses for greater impact.


Carlos Monzon

Business Growth  Strategist 

Carlos’ genius includes guiding businesses to thoughtfully and strategically grow to their highest potential. He is experienced in growing multimillion dollar organizations as well as starting and growing his own family-owned business. 


Daphne Ortiz 


Daphne’s genius includes amplifying the messages of individuals and companies doing good in the world through media pitching and booking speaking engagements.


It takes a village to birth and grow a business, and so these are additional individuals who have made significant contributions to the growth and development of this work dating back to 2012: Jennifer Alexander Monzon, Christine Arylo, Bill Bennett, Beth Bialko, Drew Bialko, Sam Buti, Dawn Jackson Blatner, John Godoy, Sydney Granet, Vinnie Hunihan, Karampal Kaur, Sandy King, Christine Kurban, Kim Lieb, Ryan Logan, Taylor Mae, Jackie Marotta, Ralph Marotta, Daphne Mazarakis, Leslie McGuirk, Elsbeth Meuth, Jane Monzurez, Hon. Sheila Murphy (ret.), Janet-Lee Ropas, Frani Rubins, Molly Rudberg, Melissa Shanahan, Ariel Spilsbery, Jori Stevian, Carlo Stuart, Taylor Thomas, Sara Young Wang, Gail Zelitzky, and Jessica Zweig.


We purchase from women-owned businesses and support charitable causes advancing women’s empowerment. 

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