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ready to align your career with your unique gifts and experience vitality, joy + fulfillment everyday? 






feminine genius COACHING

Reconnect to your divine calling and shine in your unique gifts to create a better world. 

You want your career to match your best gifts.

You've seen women you admire share their unique genius in meaningful ways and this is inspiring you to connect more deeply to your genius. You want to work from YOUR best gifts and to influence the world in YOUR unique way.

 You want to experience vitality and joy in your work.

You're traversed the male-dominated work world, often experiencing imposter syndrome, burnout, and a lack of fulfillment. You're ready to embrace your feminine energy to cultivate a career that aligns with your authenticity, vitality, and fulfillment as a woman.

You are ready to invest in change for you + the world now.
You are ready to invest both time and money in you, your career, and creating a better world. And you are clear: no more trying to do it all yourself! You feelexcited to be supported by a guide both professionally and spiritually who has been where you want to go.

The power + potential
of your feminine

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Your Feminine Genius = your innate talent + feminine energy combined to help you heal yourself and the world through your work.

Which level resonates with you?

4 Genius Glow Up Levels

Career Passion Seeker

New Chapter Opener



Feminine Thought Leader

Genius Dream Team

LEVEL 3 ⚡⚡⚡

LEVEL 4 ⚡⚡⚡⚡

Where you're starting:

☑ Feeling unfulfilled at work
☑ Wanting something more
☑ Not clear of a new path

What coaching gives you:

☑ Reconnected with self 
☑ Access to answers within
☑ Power around outcomes

Your new results:

☑ Tuned into passion
☑ Clarity of new direction
☑ Plan for next steps

*Employers: This coaching level can be a corporate investment in a valued team member who you want to support to find their right role.

Where you're starting:

☑ Have a new career idea
☑ Really want change now
☑ Stuck in self doubt

What coaching gives you:

☑ Tools to validate your idea
☑ Reliable change process
☑ Inner trust and power

Your new results:

☑ Start new job/business
☑ Work matches your genius
☑ Increased ease and flow

Where you're starting:

☑ Want more exposure*
☑ Ready to serve others
☑ Swirling with many ideas

What coaching gives you:

☑ Stay in your genius
☑ Own your credentials

☑ Learn to be a channel

Your new results:

☑ Best of you in new content
☑ Pride in your creations
☑ Magnetize your audience

*Examples: writing an article, creating content for speaking engagements, designing new services, appearing on a podcast

Where you're starting:

☑ You elevated as a leader
☑ Team is new or misaligned
☑ Not meeting goals

What coaching gives you:

☑ Vision for dream team
☑ Existing team assessment
☑ Support to reorganize

Your new results:

☑ Team members excelling
☑ Working in flow
☑ Meeting goals + beyond

3 months

9 months



And, you enjoy these services along the way:

2 sessions a month

During our sessions, you receive both intuitive guidance and practical strategies. You can meet with me virtually by phone or Zoom or in Chicago, IL at my River North office.

Post-session plans

After each session, you receive a written summary of key takeaways, spriritual + intellectual practices to open your genius, resources, and tools for your expansion.

spiritual practices

You receive practices and training to cultivate your inner divine connection. This is the mystical side of gaining access to tap your genius, inner guidance, and self trust.

Library ACcess

You receive access to my library of books, podcasts, meditations, and videos that will support your spiritual awakening and the deepening of your business acumen. 

text support

Between sessions you may want to celebrate a success, get my feedback, or just feel you are supported. I’m available to you for quick motivating check-ins over text!

Writing support

Your elevation includes sharing your genius in writing for a business plan, a proposal, a resume, or more. With my editing support, you'll share about yourself in compelling ways.

tools + Templates

As you create content to share your genius, you have access to my tools and templates for projects like writing an article, a sales page, and even an entire website. 

key connections

You get access to my network of program graduates and other brilliant women. I’ve got your back from website designers to beta clients to mentors in new career areas. 

Hey Genius - I'm Gina.

A few fun facts about working with me:

  • Everything I teach is something I have mastered. 

  • I have disrupted secure career paths to follow my genius. 

  • Work is a sacred temple for me to serve people’s souls. 

  • I give daily effort to shedding ego behaviors to embody love. 

  • I serve from the divine feminine and other spiritual traditions.

  • I have 20+ years experience as a writer and public speaker.

  • I have worked as a lawyer, nonprofit leader, and entrepreneur.

  • I can read into your genius and deepest gifts.

  • I may draw you pictures in your coaching session.

  • I dress to match the frequency I am helping you embody.

  • Your time with me is always mystical and deep.

  • I will teach you how to trust yourself.

  • I am committed that you reach your highest calling in this life.

Headshot fun.jpg

Client success stories

Mary, Career Passion Seeker


Mary came to me as a lawyer struggling with depression. Her career did not feel aligned but she also didn’t see a way out. Through our work together, Mary reconnected with her genius in the creative realm as a musician, artist, and healer. Today, she works in a creative agency, sells her art on etsy, and is most passionate about her music projects under the name Serenity Mary. (Fun fact: Mary now does musical scores for my Insight Timer meditations).

Nadene Cherry, New Chapter Opener


Nadene came to me as a highly-decorated sales executive. She wanted to leave her job to start a business as a corporate meditation teacher. She felt excited for change, yet leaving the certainty of a corporate job felt terrifying at times. Through our work together, Nadene learned to dim the doubting voices in and around her and began listening to and trusting the wisdom coming from within. Today, she is rocking her sales genius to grow her business in her expanded area of genius to spread peace and authenticity in the corporate world through meditation, mantra, and movement.

Tali Kogan, FEMININE Thought Leader


Tali came to me as a fashion stylist and Instagram influencer juggling many creative projects and ideas yet wanting more focus. Through our work together, Tali traded in saying yes to everything which felt like a hustle and hard work for focusing on her genius and feminine energy so that her work could feel fun and effortless. Today, Tali is a thought leader teaching women to elevate as feminine business leaders by embodying their Queen nature through style. She has developed a teachable process and tools that she shares in speaking engagements, group events, on social media, and as a guest on podcasts and television.

Amy Galvin, Genius Dream Team


Amy came to me because she and her business partner had both elevated into conscious leadership and wanted to elevate their executive team as well. Through our work together: we identified what the company needed, assessed the capacity of existing team members, and tuned into the owners’ wisdom for needed change. Today, Amy and her business partner have re-aligned their roles to match their genius and also made staffing changes to create their executive dream team of geniuses.

Ready for your Genius Glow Up?

Create momentum with one easy step. To explore joining this program, schedule a free introductory call with me. This is an opportunity for us to sense if we are a match for working together. I'll bring questions to help you gain clarity, and you can ask me anything.

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