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I speak at companies, conferences, healing centers, social justice gatherings, and student events with the aim to motivate and inspire working from heart, purpose and genius. I love to teach what I know on these topics to change the course of people’s work and lives for the better, and to help us all create a more peaceful, loving and harmonious world through doing really great work. I’ve spoken at a variety of organizations such as: Google, Deloitte, Dermalogica, 1871, Velocity Works, Hornblower Cruises + Events, Women of Willis Tower, Kohler Water’s Spa, G2 Coaching, Ravenswood Health & Wellness Center, Step Up Women’s Network, John Marshall Law School, and Kendall College, .

For Corporate Employees,

Entrepreneurs, or Conferences

Unleash the Genius Within
How to bring out the best ideas from the biggest challenges

This talk is designed to help today’s busy professionals shift their thinking and habits at work from feeling overwhelmed and like being in a rat race to feeling inspired and like work is an opportunity for creative expression of their best talents and ideas. This shift occurs by taking attendees through an interactive exercise that helps them see that their biggest business challenges actually provide insight to recognize and unleash the genius within. Because most people don’t understand their inner genius or how to access it, they never reach this opportunity. Your audience will be prepared to unleash their inner genius to create better results at work and to solve big problems for customers with ease and flow. And even more, working from their genius will provide the rewards many seek but often don’t know how to achieve: greater career joy, recognition, and connection to purpose. Your attendees will leave armed with tools to turn every business challenge into an opportunity for genius, as well as a set of practices to optimize their genius so they can continue to grow in creating breakthrough results everyday.

Winning at Work
How to consciously & consistently achieve kickass results

A collaboration with Reality TV Show Winner & member of the Cubs 2017 World Series Winning Team,

Dawn Jackson Blatner


The modern professional tackles big goals on a daily basis under high demands, stakes, and pressure. Over time, this leads to diminished performance and burnout. This talk offers tools for maintaining high performance in a sustainable (and joyful!) manner over time. I preach and teach about genius and intuition as essential tools, while my sidekick Dawn Jackson Blatner instructs and enlightens about the power of super foods and generating positive, fun energy as key ingredients to achieve exceptional results. Not only will this talk be useful, it will be one of the most vibrant and impactful moments of the year for your audience who will remember you most fondly for the experience!

Working on Purpose
How to bring meaning to your life from 9 – 5

Many professionals today seek fulfillment from their work and so are quietly taking pause and secretly exploring how to create a more joyful and meaningful career. This talk directly addresses the dissatisfaction permeating the modern workforce and presents discovering one’s own genius as the pathway to joy, along with tuning into one’s own intuition and higher purpose as the foremost career navigation tools. As someone who has uncovered my own genius, paved my most passionate career path, and guided many clients to do the same, I provide big-picture wisdom and practical down-to-earth advice to steer your group toward their happiest & most fulfilling careers. Your audience will be forever grateful that you offered solutions to the issues on their mind but that no one was openly talking about!

For Students

Finding Your Genius
How to confidently select your course of study & career path 

The toughest questions students face are: What will be my career path & corresponding area of study? Uncertainty in these areas can cause: anxiety, poor performance, extra time in school, increased tuition costs & frustration with one’s school for not clearly guiding the way. This talk empowers students to uncover their own inner genius, natural talents, and the area of work most calling to them so they may confidently choose their course of study and career path. As someone who was once an ambitious yet confused student myself, I provide an empathetic perspective toward what students face today. And, as someone who found my own genius through career trial and error and now counsels adults who feel stuck in the wrong career track, I provide practical tools for what students will face in the future. Students leave this talk feeling confident and equipped to make decisions, so together we set them in motion toward their happiest career and highest potential.

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