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5 ways you may betray your divine feminine gifts at work

The foundation to create a fulfilling career inside your feminine genius is not clarity. Nor, the perfect plan. Not even a willingness to take risks outside your comfort zone. The foundation for a fulfilling career is self-love.

You have been conditioned - whether directly or indirectly - by patriarchal systems to hate, hide, and mock your divine feminine gifts, that in you which is intuitive, emotional, spiritual, creative, and fluid. Here are 5 common ways you might betray your divine feminine gifts in your work:

  1. Discredit your intuitive insight as "crazy" or weird."

  2. Dismiss your feelings and rely solely on logic in decision-making.

  3. Deny your need for support as "weak."

  4. Demean yourself as "lazy" when you take a break to rest or play.

  5. Disregard your creative flow to force results.

When you betray your feminine gifts in these ways, you disconnect from your true self and you cannot fulfill on your higher professional purpose. And so, the most important foundation - the healing medicine that allows your feminine genius to flow - is to fall in love with yourself and all of who you are in your magical feminine. You can attune to your feminine nature more deeply and reconnect with your higher purpose by reading this blog: Change Lives For The Better With Your Feminine Genius.


About the Author

Hi I'm Gina Marotta, and I can help you step into your higher calling. My unique body of work is about "Feminine Genius" which includes bringing your innate talent + feminine energy (spirituality, creativity, intuition, feelings, and fluidity) into a career focus that changes people's lives for the better. I serve from extensive study in the divine feminine, as well as 20+ years experience as a leader in multiple industries. I have worked professionally as a lawyer, a nonprofit managing director, and an entrepreneur; and I bring all that experience and wisdom to you. You will also find me quoted and interviewed often as a career expert in media outlets like Thrive Global, The Huffington Post, American Bar Association Magazine, Barron's Next Magazine, and WGN Radio.


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