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Feminine Genius Rising: the workforce paradigm shift you've been craving

There's something to start talking about in the workforce that I call "Feminine Genius." It's been dormant, hidden, or even suppressed for centuries given the unbalanced emphasis on masculine genius in our culture. The time is ripe for Feminine Genius to rise given the number of women in the workforce, the current energetic shifts of our world described by spiritual masters, the changes happening out of the pandemic, and the overall greater demand for empathy, kindness, inclusivity, and wholistic perspectives in professional settings.

If you're feeling called to innovate how things are done at work, the Feminine Genius formula shared in this article is designed to more deeply awaken the wisdom that wants to be birthed through you and to normalize all that you are craving within. To awaken your Feminine Genius means that the direction you're heading is to spend your working hours sharing your talent to change lives for the better and to enjoy more ease and flow in how you operate!

Intro to "Feminine Genius"

You’ve likely been taught to work like this: set goals, create strategies, set milestones, set action steps, and get some results. Go for it! Hustle! Make it happen! And make a lot of money! These ways of operating work for men, as they are an expression of masculine energy. And it makes sense that industries typically operate this way because men created the foundation of most industries.

What I see with women (and what was true in my own professional experience as a lawyer) is that we are smart enough and ambitious enough to keep up with men in their style, but if we are honest, operating continually like men burns us out. Even more, what I have come to see for myself and for other women is that operating in masculine energy actually equates to underperforming for us. In other words, when we as women shift to working from our feminine energy, we have so much more to share. In our feminine energy, we are expansive, creative visionaries who channel brilliant wisdom to fulfill the mission most important to us: to create a more peaceful, loving, and inclusive world.

If you now feel an inner yearning to elevate into your next level career potential to be of greater service, deepening your understanding of and your access to your feminine energy and power may be just the new wisdom you've been seeking. Coupling use of your divine feminine creative power with a deeper understanding of your innate genius is what I call “Feminine Genius,” and it is pure magic to change people's lives for the better. I've seen this in my career and for my clients.

Your Feminine Genius =

your innate talent +

feminine energy

combined to help you heal yourself and the world through your work.

Your Feminine Genius is your internal makeup that helps you fulfill your inner yearning as a woman to create a more loving, peaceful, and inclusive world. It is not static, as is true for anything in feminine energy. Your Feminine Genius expands in cycles as you grow and evolve in your experience, wisdom, and divine connection. Currently, women tend to feel a yearning for some type of career elevation every 3-5 years.

Your Feminine Genius is all of who you are NATURALLY, AUTHENTICALLY, before the world told you who to be. This is as the divine designed you ... what you care about, what you want to contribute, and where you are naturally gifted to help. Your experience counts too. Although you may shed some of what you learned in societal conditioning, you will trust that your life and experience until now was divinely perfect. You will bring the knowledge and skills you amassed into your next chapter.

>> Disclaimer: The feminine/masculine distinctions discussed here are not about gender or sexuality but rather archetypes and yin/yang energy dynamics. As you read this, you will likely recognize both archetypes and energies inside of you. And, you will also likely recognize that one over the other feels more like home. If you stay open and curious as you read about the masculine/feminine distinctions, this can be enlightening and quite possibly very personally validating. (That's how it feels for me!) If on the other hand you feel triggered, the contents of this article may not be a fit for you at this time.

Element 1: Your feminine energy

Your feminine energy is the yin of your yin/yang creative power. Regardless of what industry you work in, this is likely your most powerful yet under-utilized or under-recognized inner tool for innovation. This is so powerful because it is through your feminine-yin energy that you get beyond the limits of your intellectual mind to collaborate with a higher dimension - with whatever you call God or your higher power. In communion, you can access endless wisdom and knowledge to develop creative solutions for absolutely any problem.

Your feminine-yin creative process is known as “birthing.” Just like the possibility to birth babies, you hold the possibility to birth art, birth new ideas, birth new businesses, etc. Receptivity is essential in birthing because that openness allows something wholly new and from a higher dimension to be channeled through you. The feminine-yin birthing process relies on inner qualities of softness and vulnerability and so the high-value qualities here include: being sensitive, playful, and nurturing; being whimsical, fluid, and collaborative, and being heart-centered, intuitive and creative. Real world geniuses who serve as examples for operating from your feminine-yin energy include innovators like Oprah Winfrey and Albert Einstein. They have spoken often about spirituality and communion with a higher power as essential to their most brilliant and ground-breaking work.

Your feminine side is the caretaker and nurturer within that loves tending to the needs of others and our home on planet Earth. When empowered, your inner feminine makes sure everyone is well and everyone has enough with no one left behind. Feminine leaders invest resources into helping others, and you can see this at play in the research that shows when women are empowered around the world, communities thrive. You can also see the feminine energy in your own leadership when you bring wider visions to your life and work beyond immediate needs for financial earnings, and also create with care for people and the planet.

To better understand your feminine, contrast it with your masculine. Your masculine creative power is the yang of your yin/yang energy dynamics. This is the well-known and often used linear process of creation known as building. To build, you use your intellect and linear thinking to conduct assessments and make logical choices to get to specific outcomes. Your masculine-yang process calls on your giving energy and relies on inner qualities of aggression and control to build an idea into existence precisely as it has been planned. The qualities of high value in masculine-yin building include: being tough, aggressive and controlling; being focused, protective, and competitive; and being intellectual, logical and linear.

The masculine side is the warrior and protector who thrives in fighting and protection during times of war and aggression by opposing forces. When empowered, the masculine archetype is beholden to your immediate needs and that of your tribe. Your inner masculine feels an urge to stock up resources without sharing to give himself and his tribe the advantage to dominate over competitors. You can see this as most dominant today in industry, business, and politics. You can also see this alive in you in the times you put up protective walls and boundaries for yourself and others and in everyday language you use coming from war and competitive sports analogies.

Element 2: Your inner genius

You might read this and wonder if you have inner genius. The answer is yes! You and everyone is born with genius. Albert Einstein told us as much with his famous quote: "Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid." A major part of my work is helping women see what their genius is that is wanting to come out. I have an intuitive gift for seeing genius, and I have uncovered several universal clues to help you more objectively see your genius.

Your genius is the innate talent within you aka the God-given gifts that make you you. You may or may not remember, but this is what you expressed as a child in the roles you loved and games you made up. In adulthood, your genius shows up in what you geek out over and can get lost in for hours. You can also connect deeply to your genius by noticing your most authentic career role models. Those you admire most show you key characteristics in yourself. You can recognize your genius in what frustrates you in the world, what you are uniquely passionate about, and what you are best equipped to help change. You are best equipped because you are able to tap into an inner brilliance in your genius zone that others cannot touch. And best of all, your genius is your most fun and easy way to be in service to the world with a high impact.

I have found that when you can't see your genius, the reason is often that you're like the fish trying to climb a tree. You're looking for genius where things are hard for you rather than easy. Your genius is what comes easy to you. Because your genius is first nature to you, like a fish swimming, you may need an outside person to hold up the mirror and show your genius to you. Others can see it because what is easy to you is hard for them. I do know for sure that there is genius inside of you. I see it in people everywhere all the time. That's why they call me "the Genius Guru."

Syncing together = Your feminine genius

This is the most authentic work you can be doing. It is your higher calling!

In your feminine genius, you embrace your feminine archetypal purpose and choose work that has a larger vision to help people and the planet. To this vision, you bring your innate talent to uniquely solve the problems you are inspired to solve. And you bring your feminine creative power where you are able to birth new ideas and new worlds.

Your feminine genius is where you naturally show up creative and innovative to reveal what is unseen to everyone else yet revealed to you so that you can solve problems for people and the planet. In your feminine genius, you are a thought leader - not out of ego or to prove something - but because this is what you were born to do and you are uniquely blessed to see it through.

In your feminine genius, you are free to lead where you authentically and naturally shine: being intuitive, spiritual, playful, and collaborative. You are endlessly creative in your feminine genius because you are receptive and endlessly connected to a higher power that created you for a divine purpose. From here, you are able to birth ideas that the logical mind could never even dream up on its best day. And you are able to let those ideas be born through you and clearly articulated through you in ways no one else could do.

For many of you reading this, you may notice that feminine genius resonates within you, but at work, you are currently expressing almost exclusively in masculine energy. That is because, as may already be obvious to you, what we are here labeling as feminine genius has not yet been validated and valued in our currently masculine-dominated world. This article is your permission slip to begin your own inside-out transformation to move into balance with your masculine-feminine energies.

If you are a female or male leader, embracing your feminine genius will likely feel enlivening to you. For some, you may feel at home in yourself for the first time or at least you experience permission to be more balanced in how you express yourself. And, if you find that feminine energy does not resonate at all as something you desire to embrace, you have a place here too. It may be that learning about feminine genius helps you better understand others with different ideas, values, and skills. The opportunity here for everyone is to have a more authentic experience of yourself and others in your career and to be the most brilliant leader for positive change in the world that you were born to be.

About the Author

Hi I'm Gina Marotta, and I can help you step into your higher calling. My unique body of work is about "feminne genius" which includes bringing your innate talent + feminine energy (spirituality, creativity, intuition, feelings, and fluidity) into a career focus that changes people's lives for the better. I serve from extensive study in the divine feminine, as well as 20+ years experience as a leader in multiple industries. I have worked professionally as a lawyer, a nonprofit managing director, and an entrepreneur; and I bring all that experience and wisdom to you. You will find me quoted and interviewed often as a career expert in media outlets like Thrive Global, The Huffington Post, American Bar Association Magazine, Barron's Next Magazine, and WGN Radio.


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