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The next level service for past clients

articulate your ideas and 

be irresistible.

 A consulting service to support you in articulating your Feminine Genius
+ opening your next big opportunity

You feel a deep desire to share your genius. 


You’ve done the work to get to know your genius. Your ideas are novel and will help people. You want to be clear, articulate, magnetic. You want people to be excited about what you have to say and see the value. You know your ideas can change lives for the better. You want to stand out, say something meaningful, not simply add more noise. Your heart is open and excited.

You don't want to hold back or play small. 

While your desire is strong, you are not yet clear or feeling aligned for your next big opportunity. You have a big vision and know where you want to go, but you don’t yet feel confident in where to start. You feel hesitation. You wonder if this is wise intuition or if you’re simply experiencing those old feelings of unworthiness. You desire to persevere, and not play small this time.

You’re ready to make a difference now.


You feel in your bones that your next step is to deeply clarify and organize your ideas in writing. You know this will prepare you to make the difference you want to make. To navigate this process, you desire structure, accountability, and a wayshower. This consulting service is your bridge between the genius ideas in your heart and your genius expression in the world.

What Is

Feminine Genius?

Feminine Genius =

your archetypal feminine purpose + 

your inner genius + 

your feminine creative power 

all syncing in the work you do and how you do it.

the results you can expect:

clarity of focus areas 

Your best focus areas include what you most desire and what flows with ease. This can be hard to see for yourself. I’ll help you connect with and trust yourself to see the best opportunities ahead of you.

confidence in yourself and your process

Your hesitations and lack of confidence likely come from masculine-only training in how to create. I'll help you more deeply practice applying your feminine creative powers to be clear and magnetic.

publication of your genius Thought leadership 

In our work together, you will complete and publish whatever thought leadership represents the next outpouring of your genius - your signature offer, your signature workshop, your magazine article, etc.

endless flow of genius ideas

From developing your thought leadership more deeply, you will become a feminine genius faucet of endless ideas to share in all you do from client pitches to interviews, to blogging and social media.

Areas I can help you be irresistible:

Your genius can be expressed in so many ways. Here are few ways I have personally developed my own genius and helped clients:

business creativity

Your company's vision + mission statement

Your signature service offering + professional bio

Your client proposal + conscious client contract 

professional growth

Your resume + interview for your dream job

Your pitch to your employer for your dream role

Your graduate school application

thought leadership

Your presentation, workshop, or signature talk

Your own blog or a magazine article

Your compelling legal brief + argument

From Virtual assistant to

spiritual coach and teacher

"Gina supported me in developing a 40 Day Practice as a signature offering for my coaching business. With her guidance, I broke out of the rigid masculine way of creating & began infusing the feminine energies of flow & creativity in my work. Thanks to her, I birthed my offering while dancing & typing. Gina also helped me launch the practice by referring several clients to me from her network. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Gina’s support. So grateful."

janet-lee ropas

founder of ignited heart

And, you get all of these services along the way:

2 coaching sessions per month

In our sessions, you receive both intuitive guidance and practical strategies customized for your unique journey. The beauty of private consulting is I listen deeply and meet you where you are. 

Post-session action plans

After each session, you receive a written plan from me summarizing the wisdom of our session, activities you’ll do to cultivate your genius, plus resources to support you to be in action.

Writing and editing support

I will fully support you with my writing genius to put your genius in writing - from early brainstorming and outlining themes, to providing you templates and final edits.

Access to my network

My network is filled with brilliant professionals, so know that I’ve got your back in all your needs from website designers to beta clients to mentors in new career areas. 

Support between sessions

Between sessions you may want to celebrate a success, get my feedback on something, or just know you are supported. I’m always available to you for quick motivating check-ins!

Daily spiritual practices

You birth your feminine genius from inner wisdom and faith. I’ll provide you with customized spiritual practices to help you feel connected and confident even in moments of uncertainty.

Hey Genius!
did you miss me?

When we worked together in the past, you received mystical and practical guidance from me to support moving into your higher calling. Now you're here and you're preparing to express your genius outwardly to the world in new or more precise ways. I'd love to be at your side to support you in articulating your genius so that other people find you as irresistable as I do!

Through this consulting service, I will support you to make key decisions on where to focus your energy based upon my intuitive wisdom, business and entrepreneurial background, and deep understanding of your genius. Once we know your focus, then I'll help you put the words together that express the novelty and brilliance of your genius. Writing helps you develop and clarify your most genius ideas - be it creating your business plan, your signature program, your professional bio, or a key thought leadership article.


I've been a professional writer for 20+ years and so I've got your back if for you it feels hard to talk about yourself or to organize your ideas. I'll guide you in the deep reflection it takes to birth a 20-page masterpiece article or the high-level focus required to write that one perfect marketing paragraph. As we navigate your project, I will support you to deepen your mastery of the feminine-yin creation process so that you stay connected to joy and flow in all you do. 


From corporate worker to agency creator

"Gina brings fun and playfulness to exploring new career pursuits which can be a scary and daunting subject. Gina helped me vision and create my dream business, and fun fact: through her intuitive process, she gave me the name of my company during one of our sessions."

Jori stevian

owner of Be seen marketing + media

Invest in your feminine genius + your impact on the world. 

Time + Money

$1,111 per month 


# of months based on need

Two coaching sessions per month

Weekly writing assignments

Return On Investment

Your genius published in writing

New business opportunities 


Feminine creative mastery

Endless access to your genius

To get started, you will receive:

Client agreement to sign

Link to set your monthly autopay

Pre-survey to get you primed

Your Setup

Ready? Create momentum with one easy step:

If this invitation to work together resonates with you, schedule a free, no-obligation initial session with me. I’ll ask clarifying questions to learn about the opportunity ahead for you to express your genius in new ways. You can expect to gain immediate insights about your future direction. 

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