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with Gina Marotta, Career Coach + Spiritual Guide
AUG 1 - SEPT 12!

Welcome to this unique summer class series helping you answer the big questions: 

  • “What am I really meant to do with my career?”  

  • “How do I courageously get started on that path?” 


These questions can feel daunting. And as much as you want answers, you likely don’t know where to start. Fortunately, I do! I can help you based on my personal experience as a two time career changer myself and also from my proven track record as a career coach and spiritual guide supporting hundreds of people through these important inquiries. 


Through this series of classes, you will receive education not available anywhere else about: 

  • How to discover your inner genius (your natural talent + experience + passion). 

  • How your genius points to work you will absolutely love and work that's meant for you. 

  • How to create a plan that gets you in action to open doors to your deepest career desires. 


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There are 4 classes available for registration - sign up for 1 or all 4 - including:

Thursday, Aug 1 
11:00 AM - 12:00 pm CT

You cannot uncover work you love and are meant for from a heady, logical examination about your next career move. And you certainly can’t discover work you’d love in a depressed or powerless state. To discover a higher calling requires that you learn to connect with your soul and deepest desires. Your soul is very aware of what you were designed to do and would love to show you. In this class, you’ll learn to reconnect with your soul through tools that include upgrading your state to joy and inspiration. And as you do that, it is inevitable: from your stirred soul, career insight and clarity flow with ease. 

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Thursday, Aug 15
11:00 AM - 12:00 pm CT

Whether you are aware of this or not, your values and beliefs are your compass for your career decisions. A compass set, for example, on security and pleasing others is a formula for personal unhappiness.  A compass set to joy and service, however, will bring great fulfillment. If you don’t love your career right now or if you are stuck in a state of fear, it’s time to prioritize. In this class, you’ll receive tools and exercises to look inside yourself and explore how you might change the settings on your compass to better point you toward the work you’ll love and to open doors to that path. Most important, you’ll release some of those limiting beliefs that have held you back from what your soul has always been calling you to do.

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Thursday, Aug 29 
11:00 AM - 12:00 pm CT

Albert Einstein, renowned genius, is quoted as saying: “Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” What this means is that if you’ve gone into a career for any reason other than following your heart and natural talent, you likely are not in the right line of work. In this class, you’ll learn what you’ve never been taught: how to uncover the genius within you. This is not like a career assessment test where you’ll come out with 3 possible areas of work you can pursue. Here you will learn what you were uniquely designed for and what your work and life experiences add up to in one career path that you’re being called into right now at this time.


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Thursday, Sept 12 
11:00 AM - 12:00 pm CT

Once you uncover your genius and the work you’ll love and were created for, you might feel fear to move forward. That is normal. You’ll start out craving guarantees, seeking signs your ideas will work, and reaching for immediate gratification. The reality though, as you know in your heart, is that anything great happens in 1,000 small steps. So, to get from where you are today to where you want to be, this class will show you how to create a winning plan - a written vision that identifies where you want to go and also gives you guidance for navigating the ups and downs. Your plan gives you confidence to know what actions to take and also serves as a magnet attracting the resources you need to open wide the doors to your dreams! 


Register Here!

This series is being offered at beta test pricing - don’t miss out!

Individual classes currently priced at $30.

Any necessary course materials will be emailed before or after each class.

If you register and cannot join a class live, the replay video will be sent out within 24 hours after the scheduled class.

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