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Unleash Your Genius

A GUIDEBOOK FOR fun, fulfilllment + flow
at work
 realign your career with your best talents andhigher purpose

In 2004, when I first felt called to understand my genius so that I could realign my career with greater purpose, there was no guidebook. At the time, I was a rising star criminal defense attorney working on Chicago’s highest profile cases. On the outside I had it all going on. On the inside I felt lost, afraid, and like something was wrong with me because I didn’t just appreciate what I had and want to fit in. I’ve since gone on the hero’s journey of career shifts toward my genius and greater purpose twice: once from law to nonprofit management and then from the nonprofit world to entrepreneurialism as a career coach and motivational speaker. After nearly a decade of helping individuals on this path, I felt called to share my process with the world. This guidebook comes to you from the wisdom of my own career as well as my client success stories so that you can do what we have done: unleash your genius to create more fun, fulfillment and flow at work. This guidebook is designed to light your way by introducing you to the three phases to Unleash Your Genius:

Phase 1: Examine
You are here if you want more purpose but you don’t yet know your best talents. In this phase, you will learn what genius is and go inward so that you can see your genius.

Phase 2: Empower
You are here if you know your desired career shift but feel afraid to start. In this phase, you will gain wisdom and tools to help you cultivate inner strength and transcend fear. 


Phase 3: Embody
You are here if you recently shifted your career path toward your genius and want some magic. In this phase, you will learn to become a limitless channel for your genius to flow.

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