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The prayer I listen to before public speaking

Here is another opportunity to enjoy mindfulness at work with me for free on Insight Timer - the App or Website. When you feel pressure or perfectionism around an upcoming presentation, tune in to this inspiring prayer to relax and let your genius flow!

How it helps:

When preparing for a professional talk or presentation, from your desire to do well, you might notice perfectionism creeping in and creating nervousness or anxiety. This prayer is designed to restore you to calm in remembering your higher purpose, and also to prime you to become a receptive channel so that the perfect words that will truly serve your audience will flow through you with ease. This piece is beautifully scored by sound healer Serenity Mary.

Benefits of tuning in:

Reconnect with your purpose and passion

Remember that you have divine support

Relieve pressure and allow your genius to flow

Suitable for any and all spiritual beliefs.

Listen now and get both relaxed and motivated!

If you love it, subscribe and leave a review.


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