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How to channel genius rather than manifest good ideas

Spiritual guidance in recent years has focused on how to "manifest" your dreams - how to get the car, the relationship, or the career you want. If you've mastered this, you may be ready for the next level of consciousness which is about being a channel. This blog introduces you to the idea of being a channel and offers you guidance on how to get started.

The difference between manifesting and channeling

As a manifestor, you use masculine energy to assert your ideas and turn them into an actual physical form. For example, you might think up the idea: "I want to be a lawyer. This is a good job that is steady and will help me financially support myself. People will also respect me." From that idea, you can make a plan and take action that will bring this idea into reality. You also will notice that from clarifying and thinking of your idea, people and resources will show up to support your desire to go to law school and then to get a job. That is your power to manifest.

As a channel, you use feminine energy to bring ideas directly from the divine into reality. Your feminine energy is your receptive self (vs your giving self). And so being a channel is about opening up to be receptive to God's ideas (not just your own). It is from this space that you get inspired ideas that feel more aligned with a higher purpose or a calling. When channeling you might receive ideas that seem crazy or unrealistic like "leave your job" or "start a business" or "follow your passion in the arts." These ideas are not usually rational like the ideas you might think up in your masculine energy. (Learn more here about creating from feminine energy rather than masculine energy).

The big reason to consider opening up to be a channel is this: from your divine connection you have more expansive access to greater possibilities. When you operate from your own ideas - solely from your rational thoughts - you are limited to what has occurred in the past. It is in opening to this higher stage of consciousness to be a channel that you gain greater access to novel ideas and where you experience true genius.

The 4 Stages of Consciousness

Watch this video by Michael Bernard Beckwith on The 4 Stages of Spiritual Awakening. Here he discusses escalating levels of consciousness where you will recognize Stage 2 as the manifesting stage and Stage 3 as the channeling stage. This video, presented by a male spiritual teacher, also helps us remember that masculine and feminine creative processes are not about gender. We all have masculine and feminine powers within us. Knowing how and when to apply each creates inner harmony in ourselves and our world.

A meditation to help you channel genius

If you'd like to try on the idea of being a channel for genius to flow in and through you, check out my meditation on the Insight Timer App: Visioning the Clarity of Your Path. This meditation guides you through Michael Bernard Bechwith's "visioning" process to help you let go of thinking about your own ideas and instead become receptive to inner guidance from your higher power. This is a great practice for the new year or at any time you feel you're opening to a new chapter or new idea.

Access the meditation here (it's free) on the Insight Timer app:

About the Author

Hi I'm Gina Marotta and I can help you understand and fully shine in your feminine genius. As a spiritual guru and business coach, I serve from extensive study in the divine feminine, as well as 20+ years experience as a leader in multiple industries. Professionally I have worked as a lawyer, a nonprofit managing director, and an entrepreneur, and I bring all that experience and wisdom to you. You will also find me quoted and interviewed often as a career expert in media outlets like Thrive Global, The Huffington Post, American Bar Association Magazine, Barron's Next Magazine, and WGN Radio.


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