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How I talk with women so we feel empowered

The age-old pain-point for women: you share a difficult experience with a man and his response is to tell you what to do to solve it.

There is so much marketing, advertising, and thought leader "teaching" these days that feels like the same energy of someone telling me what to do to solve my problem. The endless lists of:

"here's the thing...

"the one thing you must know...

"to succeed, you must do this...

What I know is that the last thing we women need is to be told what to do. It's enraging and demeaning! What we women need most right now is to believe in ourselves.

If I'm honest, however, I sometimes unconsciously begin to write to you in this fear-provoking, tell-you-what-to-do advertising manner. It's how masculine culture taught me to be as a business person. It's how we have all been taught to talk to each other.

And so my practice now, in service of you, is to "feminize" my writing. This means that my first draft of a newsletter or social media post may have authoritative language. But then I edit with a conscious look to ensure I speak to you the way I want to be spoken to. I remove words like "need, must, should" and really feel how a post makes me feel.

My work is about empowering women, and I believe this means speaking to you with trust and knowing that you are wise and that you have all the answers, not me. My role is to help you see the Truth inside yourself. I know this to be healing and what we all truly want most and deserve.

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