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Hi I'm Gina and I'm a workaholic

Hello, I'm Gina and I'm a workaholic. This week's video and blog explore how being quarantined gives us an opportunity to heal workaholic patterns and make more space for what we really want: joy, love, and all the good feelings of life. Tune in to enjoy: insights from my own personal experience of workaholism, resources to help you address the root cause of workaholism, and the possibility to come out of the quarantine better than before.

As promised in the video, here are the 3 books to help you learn how to explore your feelings as medicine for your workaholic patterns:

The Heart of the Soul: Emotional Awareness by Gary Zukav

This book is authored by a modern spiritual teacher who explores in depth the nature of our difficult emotions and helps us get down to the very root, which is always a feeling of powerlessness. Zukav is a teacher of what he calls "authentic power," which is a sense of power within as opposed to how many of us have been trained to operate in trying to control others. An entire chapter of this book (under the section "Running Away") is dedicated to workaholism.

Letting Go: The Pathway to Surrender by David Hawkins M.D.

This book is written by a scientist and goes deep into explaining emotions as measurable energy. Hawkins has created a Scale of Emotions where we he explains each emotion in detail ranging from most negative to most positive and for which he has measured individual frequencies. The low end of the scale is 20 (Shame) and and the high end is 1000 as achieved by enlightened masters like Jesus Christ and the Buddha. He shares that 200 is the level of Courage and represents the beginning of a shift from negative to positive and is where most people fall. The great news is that as we let go of negative feelings, which Hawkins explains how to do, we can move up the scale to better feeling states.

Learning to Love Yourself by Gay Hendricks Ph.D.

This book is written by a psychologist who shares his own quest for answers of how to bring about personal transformation so that life can flow freely and easily. He shares his own journey of learning to experience his feelings and accepting them as access to joy, self-love, and healthy relationships. While sharing his own stories, he also outlines how we can access our feelings and create personal transformation and peace for ourselves.

While quarantined, it is a great time for reading, exploring your feelings, and recognizing your workaholic patters. You can get immediate acccess to your healing by ording whatever book resonates with you in the Kindle version to read on your phone or the Audible version for listening on your phone.

In conclusion, here's a PRO TIP to encourage your courageous journey into the feelings you've been hiding from: research says that your ability to expeirience the difficult feelings like sadness, fear, anger, and powerlessness directly corelates to your ability to experience the feelings you most desire like love, joy, peace, and contentment. So know that the positive feelings you seek are just on the other side of exploring the hard feelings you may be hiding from with your workaholic patterns.


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