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A feminine leader's guide to Spring Equinox

In honoring our divine feminine, we align with nature's rhythms. As winter gives way to spring during the Equinox (this year on March 19, 2024), we shift from rest to renewal. This transition sparks an inner awakening, urging us to plant seeds for the year ahead. The days surrounding the Equinox offer potent energy for reflection, guiding us to focus our intentions for the upcoming season and the three moon cycles ahead.

A Soul Inquiry for Spring Equinox

Inquiry: What is dying and what is being born?

You likely recognize a significant shift in one particular area of life, and so in your reflections you can inquire how this may be also influencing and present in other areas of life.

Spring Equinox and Business

The Spring Equinox is an opportune moment to attune to which work projects are ripe for action and which are meant for later. The feminine flourishes in joy and spaciousness, so a valuable practice is to organize our projects into 3 or 4 inspiring containers. This is the feminine version of goal setting with clarity of our intentions, stakeholders, genius, and support systems. To learn more about creating containers, join me on April 6th for RISE: A retreat for awakened women leading change.

Spring Renewal Practices for Work

 ☑  Review and refine your vision for the year   

 ☑  Sense into projects ripe for the season

 ☑  Clean your work space to create coherency

 ☑  Refresh your seasonal work wardrobe

 ☑  Incorporate more nature into your workday

 ☑  Identify nourishment practices for the season

 ☑  Allow for fun and magic along the way!

Spring Equinox Rituals with Me

Rebirth meditation: release old patterns through my Violet Flame Ritual on Insight Timer

Oracle reading: gain insight for the season with my digital Feminine Genius Oracle Deck

Seasonal retreat: join me at the April 6th RISE Retreat for awakened women leading change

About the Author

Gina Marotta is a career transformation coach + visionary and teacher around "Feminine Genius." She coaches and teaches individuals and teams about cultivating the power of inner genius + feminine energy at work. Gina understands the plight of modern professionals having worked early in her career as a criminal defense attorney followed by a managing director position for a national nonprofit organization. Gina is a contributing author to the book Readings in Restorative Justice where she wrote about transforming her legal career from hard work to healing work. She has been featured in media outlets such as: Thrive Global, The Huffington Post, CBS News, WGN Radio, and The American Bar Association Magazine. She is also a teacher on the Insight Timer Meditation app.


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