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How to discover work you'd love + feel confident

Most people come to me for career advice saying they don’t know what they want to do for work. I’m going to compassionately call bullsh*t on this one. Not knowing isn’t the true problem. It’s a mask for fear. I know this because in a short conversation I can very easily learn about people what they “always wanted to do” or “always thought would be fun” or “always thought would be a great business idea.”

The fear shows up the same in these very smart and often better than average successful people who knock on my door. It looks like this: fear puts your attention on what’s wrong vs. what’s right. You worry you don’t have the educational credentials or the right work experience, and you don’t yet see how to make money at your dreams.

So here is my advice on where to put your attention instead: admit what you’ve “always wanted to do” and then piece together how your natural born talent and life experience perfectly set you up for that direction. (It always does)! And, work on your faith. In aligning with the love of God, the Universe, Your Creator, He/She/It ensures when you live a life of serving others authentically from your heart, you never lack the resources you truly need. If you feel unsure of your best talents...

The key to designing a career you love is knowing your inner genius - a combination of your natural talents and experience - and then creating your work around it. When we spend our days in our genius zone, work no longer feels like work. It feels fun and like we are playing all day!

There is a huge block I've discovered that prevents many people from identifying their own inner genius. The block is that we think work must be hard. And, whatever is our genius is actually very easy to us, so then we don't see our genius as genius. We just do our thing and don't think it's special. We think anyone can do what we do, but this is not true!

Spotting inner genius is something I can help you with as your coach. I spot genius in others with ease, and in fact, it is fair to say that seeing genius is my genius. If you're wanting to love your work so much it feels like play but you don't feel clear about what your best talents are, let's talk. Sign up for a free, no obligation coaching consultation with me HERE!

If you don't believe what you want is possible...

Fear can block us from seeing what we really desire to do around work or from pursuing a career dream that feels risky. Hearing success stories of others who followed their hearts and clues to their calling, can help us build up the courage and confidence we need to uncover and begin our own most fulfilling careers. College commencement speeches are a great place to hear inspiring stories and receive words of wisdom in the area of career. Here are 3 of my favorites to inspire you and the unveiling of your best career:

  • The genius who wrote Harry Potter as a single mom on welfare gives career advice at Harvard - watch here:

  • The genius comedian who began her dream career path out of heart-break gives career advice at Tulane - watch (and laugh) here:

  • The technology genius behind personal computers becoming the norm for all people gives career advice at Stanford - watch here:

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