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How better language makes a better career

“I am living my ideal life.” I heard these words about a year ago in an affirmations recording. And my heart said “yes please, I’ll take some of that.” Like I was ordering a sandwich.

I knew these words were magical for me. I felt inspired to keep these words close. So I posted them on my bathroom mirror.

It was an aspirational statement. I felt these words deep in my heart as TRUTH about where I was going. Even though my life circumstances didn’t yet match.

I have learned that … when you hear TRUTH – profound TRUTH – you recognize it. That TRUTH may not be happening today, but it is happening. And that is what I knew of these words. They caused me to see things differently. To make different choices. To step into my TRUE desire. And guess who is living her ideal life today?

Inspired Wisdom: Life may feel hard today or at least out of alignment with where you know you want to be or how you know you want to feel. Life felt hard for me in the moment I heard my magical words. In creating my own happiness and in working with clients to create their happiness, I have seen time and time again that you can have whatever your heart is desiring. Words are magic! And so creating your magical aspirational affirmation opens up access to what you desire. We are energy beings and using our language is a power tool to turn our desires into reality.

Inspired Actions: If you’re inspired to create your own magical words, here’s a resource I trust on affirmations: Orin & Daben. You will know your magical words when you see or hear them. Once you have your magical words, post those babies on your mirror, your phone screensaver, your Facebook cover page or wherever you will see them daily.

Believe in your words, and so they shall become TRUE with time. If you’re feeling stuck and not sure what you need, schedule a Heart Reading with me to receive clarity about your heart’s desires and the soul journey to get there!

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