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The “more” you really want in your career

Have you felt like there’s “more” out there in life for you, but aren’t sure what “more” is? Here’s my blog to unlock the mystery:

If this video left you wanting more, your wish is granted! Here are some inspired actions you can take:

Know Yourself

• Notice your heroes, role models, favorite characters, and people who strike you as super cool; they represent qualities you most desire to exude or roles you most want to play

• Talk to your parents and family members to unearth your favorite childhood activities and dreams, they represent your natural-born skills and passions

• Plan an ultimate date for yourself (with yourself); this will require you to research and prioritize that which you find most awesome

• Do reflective journaling – to discover what you’re exceptionally good at and also enjoy

Heal Yourself

• Stop trying to suppress negative feelings, and instead tune in; your feelings are your inner guidance system for what works and doesn’t work for you

• Take inventory from your past to discover where you have unhealed wounds or losses that you have not yet grieved

• Create a community of trusted friends who can listen and provide non-judgmental and loving support when you need to feel safe and loved

• Engage trusted healers who get you to the results you want – energy workers, body workers, counselors, coaches, art teachers, spiritual guides, etc.

Be Yourself

• Do the things that your heart really desires, even if they seem crazy, weird, or kooky; take your focus on the judgments of others or pleasing others

• Offer your visionary ideas to the world by building your career or modifying your business based on your genius

• Share your needs and feelings when you are not receiving what you need in relationships; speak up lovingly for yourself without worry of accommodating others

• Engage your spiritual beliefs in your daily life to feel supported and safe, especially when taking risks; this is badass living!


My intention in this blog and all others is to spread happiness and give people tools to feel freedom to be their most authentic selves. I encourage your comments about what you found most helpful and ways you have used the tools.

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