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Career Clarity Coaching

create clear direction and joy will follow
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Looking for clarity on your career path?

When we feel the rumblings of career change, which is now every 5ish years, it can feel confusing and challenging. We feel uncomfortable and unsure. We lack the confidence we usually have and we don’t feel we have anyone we can trust and confide in about our interest in possibly making a change. We feel we must keep our newly emerging career dissatisfacton and/or desires for change under wraps so that we don’t alarm anyone to whom we have made professional or financial commitments.


If you’re feeling this discomfort and you want to begin exploring what might be next in your career, I can help! You’ll benefit from both my intuitive guidance and practical advice. I can often intuitively see things you might not about what is opening, and this will give you comfort. I’ll also help you develop your next practical steps to begin making progress toward your new career desires.


Before your sessions, you get:

Pre-survey to clarify your career history, symptoms and causes of dissatisfaction, and greatest desires

During your sessions, you will receive:

Clarity around your new career desires and what has you stuck

Strategies and spiritual tools to help keep you focused and confident

An oracle card reading to receive guidance from your Angels, if desired

You also get:

Weekly assignments to bring lessons of each session into practice and begin desired shift

Email access to me between sessions

A recommendation from me for your next level of coaching services, if desired


How to get started

Sign up for a free, no-obligation, 30-minute phone or video consultation with me. Here, we explore if working together feels right. During our time together, we’ll discuss:
⤀  What are your current career pain points - what’s not working?
⤀  What do you know you desire?
⤀  How are you hoping I can help?

Also, you’ll have a chance to ask all your questions about my coaching style and services. At the conclusion of our call, you’ll receive my recommendations for how I can support you. Many people say even this consultation creates a sense of clarity and comfort. I look forward to being of service to you in falling in love with your career!




"I co-founded an integrated marketing agency and after 16+ years in the game, was feeling burned out. I had become a mother and it was transformational. All of a sudden the marketing I was doing for lifestyle brands that were not mission driven just didn't excite me anymore. and I started to feel the need to harness my marketing superpowers to help others leave a positive footprint on this world. I hired Gina for 3 sessions to guide me on how to restructure my career so I only worked with clients who were like minded visionaries and truly stirred my soul!


Gina is intuitive and was able to help me visualize a career path that was authentic, focused and brought me the most joy. We also created a "wish list" of conscious brands I'd like to work with and came up with a strategy on how to best "sell" my services. As a result, I am now a one woman show working with purpose driven brands and basically living as my best marketing self."

—  Kim Lieb, Marketing Ninja at K101 Consulting

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