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Maintenance Coaching

support structure to follow your genius + path
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You felt supported.

You continually gained clarity of your path.

You made bold moves.

You deserve more of this! Here are ways you can receive more career coaching and spiritual guidance with me to illuminate your path:

Maintenance package

Work through any issues you're facing through regularly scheduled in-person or virtual sessions.

You choose:

2 coaching sessions per month for $800/month or

1 coaching session per month for $400/month

With this package, you also receive:

- a summary email from me after each session, and 

- on-call high-level support from me between sessions via email and text.

Retainer option

You set a budget and pay an advance retainer. I'll track and share with you my time expended each month. With this option, you receive my services for:

- one hour or 90-minute sessions as needed,

- writing your post-session summary email (15 mins),

- phone calls, emails, and texts for support between sessions, 

- document review, and

- any other of your coaching needs.

Current rate is $300 per hour.

One time session options

One hour coaching + spiritual guidance session

This is for you if you have an challenge and/or new opportunity to talk through and you'd like to explore how to move forward most authentically and with a plan that leads with your heart and genius.

This includes:

  • Pre-session: You will send me an email answering this question: What issue, challenges, or questions do you most want to spend our time talking through? 

  • During session: You will receive my intuitive guidance on the issues presented. We will help you connect to the blessings and opportunities presented and see through your challenges to deeper, unseen blockages so that you can move forward with clarity, confidence, and power.

  • Post-session: You will receive an email from me summarizing the results of our session including: key takeaways, spiritual practices, and action steps. In addition, you will receive email introductions or connections to any resources we discussed that will help you fulfill on your desired direction.

Price: $300

Currently, these sessions are being held over Zoom.

Book and pay for your session HERE.

2 hour visioning retreat

This is for you if you would like to take a deeper dive into a transition happening internally and externally for you around your professional life. Your preparations and the retreat day provide a spacious opportunity to sense into and plan for how to move forward intentionally, with grace, and a vision that calls you forward.

This is similar to the first month of my coaching package, and includes:

  • Pre-retreat: You will fill out a customized presurvey that helps you explore your heart's desires and areas of blockage and healing to lay the foundation for our work together.

  • During retreat:  To open creative flow and healing, your session will include a spiritual or creative practice customized for you to open up visioning such as: meditation, mindful movement, a saging ritual or other release ritual, and an oracle card reading. During the retreat, we will identify:

    • Your Desired Direction: the goals that you are moivng toward in your life's mission that include both WHAT you want to do and WHY.

    • The Shift: a clear description of and label for the larger spiritual shift going on inside of you; as you name it you gain the power to move beyond past limitations and to step into your higher potential. 

    • Action + Accountability: a plan to move in your desired direction that includes action steps and accountability structures to support your momentum. 

    • Spiritual Practices: tools to guide your growth + transcendence into the shift we have identified for you that will help you to fulfill on your mission.

  • ​Post-retreat: You will receive an email from me summarizing the results of our session including a written vision of all the above-mentioned components. In addition, you will receive email introductions or connections to any resources we discussed to help you fulfill on your desired direction.

Price: $700

Where possible, these sessions are held in person.

Book and pay for your session HERE.

30-minute follow up session

​This session is designed to support you in being accountable in action items you set for yourself in an earlier session with me, and where we will discuss your progress and trouble-shoot any challenges.

Price: $150

Currently, these meetings are being held over Zoom.

Book and pay for your session HERE.

Sessions are typically at my downtown Chicago office or virtual over Zoom on phone.

If you prefer me to come to you in the Chicagoland area, this may available for a $100 flat rate per meeting.



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