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Love Your Career Playbook

your guide out of the career you don't love and into the one you do
Think you'd be happier doing different work?
Feel stuck where you're at?
here's your solution!  

Love Your Career Playbook is written for those of you who are not sure what's next in your career but you know you feel the desire for something better. This serves as your guide out of feeling stuck, hopeless, or not equipped to make couragous change. You'll be introducted to a process that helps you figure out exactly what your next career move would be that most resonates with your heart at soul. 

Inside, you'll learn 6 common maneuvers, dubbed "Losing Plays," that increase career unhappiness and reduce career progress. Then, you'll learn how to ignite career love and real change with 6 proven "Winning Plays" that boost career clarity and inspire meaningful action. A quick, 20-minute read, this playbook is packed with practical advice so you can begin to turn your career around today!

Tune into my interview about thE playbook

Learn more about the playbook directly from me in a WGN Radio 720 AM interview by Pete McMurray & Jane Monzures (15 mins).


You'll hear my career story beginning in the very competitive legal industry where I felt unhappy and unfulfilled and how I switched gears toward career choices where I got to be a positive pro-active changemaker in the world. Plus you'll learn how you can:

  • Let go of beliefs you hold about practical career pursuits - what I call "shoulds" to instead pursue what most resonates with your heart and soul

  • Discover what you're really looking for - your genius - which is as a combination of your natural talent, passion, and experience, and

  • Cultivate faith and support that will help you make bold and courageous career moves with confidence 

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