Elevate into your higher calling 

and shinE As Your best self.

A 1-on-1 coaching experience to open your Feminine Genius + next career chapter

You know you are meant for more. 

While your current work pays the bills, you hear a voice within telling you that something is missing. You feel in your heart that you are meant to give more to help shape the world in positive ways. You crave focus, a vision, and to embrace fully your unique talents. Though you have ideas, you don’t feel clear or confident about how to express that urge for “something more” or how to even explore it in the midst of your already full career schedule.

Your higher calling is stirring within. 

You know this stirring within is a call from your soul. You sense it as a yearning for a higher calling. You desire a more meaningful career that calls upon all of you - your talent, your passion, and your experience - and that encompasses your personal mission to help shape a more harmonious world. You feel in your bones there is work you were born to do and have been cultivating over your lifetime -- and you’re ready to recognize it and set yourself free to move into that direction. 

You’re ready to start your transition now.

You feel ready for change now. Whether it is into a new role, new business or new career altogether, you’re excited to begin the process of transitioning. To do so, you desire a supportive structure, accountability, and someone to be a wayshower for you. This program is offered as your pathway into the purpose and fulfillment you seek. As your genius guru, I’ll guide you step-by-step through my process with spiritual and pragmatic wisdom into your higher calling.

What Is
Feminine Genius?

Feminine Genius =

your archetypal feminine purpose + 

your inner genius + 

your feminine creative power 

all syncing in the work you do and how you do it.

the results you can expect:

Clarity of your feminine genius 

You don’t have to figure this out alone. Seeing feminine genius is my genius, so I will help you recognize yours with certainty. Through our work, you will feel affirmed, known, and validated.

A clear vision and plan

Once you cognitively understand your feminine genius, I’ll guide you to test out ideas for sharing it. As you see your impact on others, a vision and plan become clear.

Confidence in yourself and your path

As you navigate fear and doubt, I’ll support you to practice accessing your best answers which are always inside of you. You will learn to trust yourself and all you have to offer.

career Transition into your higher calling

As you reach the completion of this program, your external world will reflect your inner transformation. Your feminine genius will lead you to a new role, new business, or new career altogether. 

The 9-Month Coaching Experience

>> Why 9 months? Birthing your feminine genius is akin to birthing a baby. It is an inside-out transformation over 3 phases.

PHASE 1: Examine

In the first phase, you will clarify your feminine genius. This includes a deep self-examination to uncover your innate talent, your experience, and your passion that together reveal a clear career vision and mission. You will also recognize your feminine genius as your most fun, fulfilling, and in flow expression that is also your best way to bring great value to others.

PHASE 2: Empower

Next, you will cultivate confidence in your feminine genius. This includes a process of testing your ideas to see the results and real value that come from your genius. In addition, during this phase I’ll show you how to connect with your feminine creative power so that you have the knowledge and tools to bring your vision to life and be financially supported along the way.

PHASE 3: Embody

In the third phase, you will communicate your genius clearly. This includes less focus on doing (your masculine energy) and more focus on being (your feminine energy). You will learn to be receptive to genius flowing through you so that you can tap creative ideas on demand like a faucet. As you do this, you easily speak and write thought leadership that invites others in. 

From team U.S.A. World CHAMPION to successful coach

"Gina shows deep love for her work which translates to her love for her clients. She asks the right questions to reveal the secrets within that you don’t see. This helps her guide you to move forward into clarity and toward your true potential and who you are meant to be."

Diandra Asbaty

Founder of Beyond The Lanes

And, you get all of these services along the way:

2 coaching sessions per month

In our sessions, you receive both intuitive guidance and practical strategies customized for your unique journey. The beauty of private coaching is I listen deeply and meet you where you are. 

Post-session action plans

After each session, you receive a written plan from me summarizing the wisdom of our session, activities you’ll do to cultivate your genius, plus resources to support you to be in action.

Support between sessions

Between sessions you may want to celebrate a success, get my feedback on something, or just know you are supported. I’m always available to you for quick motivating check-ins!

Access to my network

My network is filled with brilliant professionals, so know that I’ve got your back in all your needs from website designers to beta clients to mentors in new career areas. 

Writing and editing support

Making your transition includes showing others your genius in writing - be it a new bio, resume, website or business pitch. I’ll support you to share about yourself in compelling ways.

Daily spiritual practices

You birth your feminine genius from inner wisdom and faith. I’ll provide you with customized spiritual practices to help you feel connected and confident even in moments of uncertainty.

Hey Genius - I'm Gina.

Everything I teach is something I have mastered. I know the pain and glory of disrupting two perfectly secure career paths to follow higher callings. As I understand it right now, my higher calling is to awaken the feminine genius on the planet. Work is a sacred temple to me where I serve people’s souls. This means I too must work hard to shed ego-based behaviors so that I embody love. 


I serve from extensive study in the divine feminine and other spiritual traditions, as well as 20+ years experience as a leader in multiple industries. I have worked professionally as a lawyer, a nonprofit managing director, and an entrepreneur; and I bring all that experience and wisdom to you. Your time with me is always a deep experience of receiving both mystical and practical guidance to support moving toward your higher calling.


I am known lovingly as “The Genius Guru” because I can serve as a bridge to you and your genius - and with that also comes your connection to divinity, inner wisdom, and being whole and perfect just as you are.

From online magazine founder to Global CEO

"Gina clearly has a soul call to lift people up and out of where they are and into where they want to be. She does this through pragmatic wisdom as well as intuitive spiritual guidance. I have never had anyone root for me the way she does."

Jessica Zweig

Founder + CEo of Simply Be Agency

Invest in your feminine genius + your impact on the world. 

Time + Money

9 months at $933/month

Two coaching sessions per month

Weekly assignments

Daily spiritual practice

Return On Investment

Work in your higher calling.

Endless access to your genius.

You're magnetic, lit from within. 


Opportunities flow with ease.

To get started, you will receive:

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Ready? Create momentum with one easy step:

If this coaching invitation resonates with you, schedule a free, no-obligation introductory session with me. I’ll ask clarifying questions that begin to show us your genius. You’ll gain insight about your future path and you’ll also get to know how you would feel working with me.