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What is genius? Genius is the natural talent you were born with + your higher heart & soul calling + how the dots of your life experience connect + absolutely the most fun and easy way for you to spend your time.

does everyone have genius? Yes! Unfortunately, however, many people don’t recognize their genius. Wah Waah! There also are some foundational elements to accepting and embracing your genius. This too is why not everyone feels like they have genius. They just haven’t been ready to see it yet!

What do you do as the genius guru? I write, teach, and speak on the subject matter of genius with the mission to cause a positive shift in humanity around how we live and work. I also work 1-on-1 with private clients to help them uncover their genius and put it to awesome use in the world.

IS THIS LIKE CAREER COUNSELING? My impression is that those who work under the “career counselor” label offer standardized tests that provide canned answers to suggest what you should do with your life. Well, you’ve lost me on the word “should.” Genius is not about a “should.” It is about your soul calling and passion, which I don’t believe a standardized test can inform you about. I have found most people feel disappointment or feel even greater frustration or confusion upon receiving the results of such tests.


  • Psychic seeing into your genius

  • Uncovering of patterns that presently block your genius

  • Education & new perspective that cause positive results in your work life

  • Mentorship & strategy to bring your genius to life

  • Spiritual insight & wisdom to connect with the higher purpose and potential of your genius, and tools to connect with your own intuition to become your own genius guru

who are the types of people that you work with? My typical client is a passionate person who has experienced career success, yet who mysteriously is not feeling happy, inspired, or motivated around their work. Such people often can’t talk about this to most people, and they often suffer feeling alone and isolated thinking something is wrong with them … until they find me.

will i have to become poor to do the work i love? Concern about not having money to maintain one’s current lifestyle is one of the biggest fears I hear from people, and particularly people often mention fear of not being able to afford insurance. This makes me super mad at insurance companies, but that is a topic for another day. Generally, my answer to this question is “no.” I think people have this fear in part because they affiliate passion with making art or working for a nonprofit, and both these areas of work have a reputation for low wages. What I find in genius is it usually incorporates a variety of talents which the world is calling for now in the modern age. And in the modern age, art & purpose are becoming more and more important and valuable. So let’s toss out those old ideas, and stay open that your genius can make you a lot of money too! Even if you don’t make the same or greater money immediately for some reason, you will receive payoff in your increased happiness.

To do work I love, will I have to quit my job & leave behind a career I’ve invested a lot of time and money in? If you are in a toxic work environment and we cannot resolve that, it is very likely we’ll want to get you set up in a new job as a first priority. But in any event, it is unlikely that you will make a massive career change right away. Usually, the unveiling of your genius is done in part through your current job and by adding a fun project in your genius zone to do in your off-work time. This “playing” and “experimenting” in your genius zone is important as a step to help you become comfortable and confident in your abilities and to see their impact on and value for others. It might surprise you to know that in most cases, a person’s genius has some connection to the work they already do or a role they already play very well. So, you may not see right away how your current job and your genius connect, but in time, that will be clear!

IS THIS RELIGIOUS IN NATURE OR A CULTNo. It is neither. The word “guru” is defined at as “an intellectual or spiritual guide or leader.” I provide both spiritual guidance and thought leadership to individuals and larger audiences on the matter of genius.

Can you explain oracle card readings? An oracle is a person or other communication device that delivers divine answers to your questions.  Think, the Wizard of Oz.  Oracle card decks come in many forms representing different divine entities that you can commune with.  I have, for example, oracle decks including: Angels, Fairies, Ascended Masters, Goddesses, and the Tarot. Reading of oracle cards was an ancient practice for tuning into divine wisdom coupled with your own inner wisdom. And in modern spirituality, oracle cards are making a big comeback!  They are helpful to receive insight on your big questions, and I use these cards as a regular practice with my clients as a loving & supportive tool. I find oracle decks are super helpful in making important career decisions because with their wisdom, you feel that the universe or God or angels or some divine being is supporting you along the way.

what is your trainingMost significantly, uncovering in individuals and teaching larger audiences about genius is my genius. That means, first, this is my natural-born talent fueled by passion and joy. I can just do this with ease. Like the Good Will Hunting character played by Matt Damon says about complex math equations, “when it comes to that, I could always just play.” So, this – genius – is my thing!


Second, my own personal career experience exemplifies the genius awakening process. I began my career as a lawyer, then ran a nonprofit, and then launched this business as an entrepreneur. All of these transitions mark clarification of my genius and then stepping into it. These experiences also allow me to relate to the highs, lows, expectations, and pressures of successful professionals in various areas. You can read my career story here.

And finally, I am a nerd who has studied and worked with many mentors in the areas of business, self-empowerment, and spirituality all my life. While I was a legit geek and have a wealth of formal education (BA in accounting with business minor, summa cum laude & a Juris Doctorate degree with high honors from law school), I am an autodidact at heart (a self-taught person). When I want to learn something, I go learn it from research, books, and masters in that area.

will this be a waste of my timeIn the moment of writing this, I received a text from a former client referring to my work with her as “the most helpful support she has ever received.” These are the kinds of things people say about working with me. If you don’t know what your genius is, I can help you uncover it. If you feel a higher calling pulling at you tied also with challenge and struggle to understand it, that’s my specialty, and I can move you toward more joy and knowing of who you really are than you’ve ever experienced.

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