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Fall in love  
with your career
Through my Heart at Work  TRANSFORMATIONAL coaching, you will:
  • Love the work you do so much it doesn’t feel like work.

⤀  You spend your days working in your genius zone - the intersection of your best talents, experience, passions, and sense of purpose. It feels like playing all day long! Cultivate relationships that make life worth living and support your best career.

  • Cultivate Relationships that support your best career. 

⤀  You enjoy supportive relationships that call forth your best. This is what makes life worth living and offers what you desire most: to be seen, valued, and to contribute.

  • Measure your success by how much fun you are having. 

⤀  You measure your success beyond money to include fun. This offers the freedom to shape your career around what matters to you, like: travel, doing good, or time for family.

To create this in your career, you can choose from my 5 coaching offers, each with a different purpose and curriculum. 
You work in a career field you love, yet you seek improvements so that your work feels more aligned with purpose, fun, and who you are today.
You desire to uncover your best talents and explore new career ideas so that you can begin a new, more fun and authentic career path with confidence.
You and a partner seek to work out a relationship challenge so that you rekindle the magic that brought you together and the business can soar.
You desire to apply and interview for a new role with purpose, confidence, and clear vision so that you wow interviewers to land your dream job.
You feel stuck around a professional issue and want immediate guidance so that you can create clarity, a plan, and take empowered action.
Sign up for a free, no-obligation, 30-minute phone or video consultation with me. Here, we explore if working together feels right. During our time together, we’ll discuss:
⤀  What are your current career pain points - what’s not working?
⤀  What do you know you desire?
⤀  How are you hoping I can help?
Also, you’ll have a chance to ask all your questions about my coaching style and services. At the conclusion of our call, you’ll receive my recommendations for how I can support you. Many people say even this consultation creates a sense of clarity and comfort. I look forward to being of service to you in falling in love with your career!



Learn (on my ABOUT page) of the magical wisdom and practical advice that is my signature style to guide you to your desired results. And, don’t just take my word for it, check out what a few of my clients have to say about how they got what they came for and sometimes even more:





“Gina has been an instrumental guide and support as I've made heart and soul leaps into work that lights me up...that I've been born to do...that defies conventional norms. She saw the magic in me and heard my passions and desires and threaded them together in a cohesive way that made me think: 'WOW! That's it! That's the work I've been wanting to do but didn't know how to package it together and birth into the world!" If you need clarity, Gina will knock your socks off.”

- Janet-Lee Ropas

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