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Career Coaching to

Create Your Website+ Signature Program

articulate your genius, purpose, and services to attract clients you'll love
attn: coaches, healers, peacemakers, storytellers, teachers, speakers, artists, activists, and freelancers!
have a business to share + want expert support to describe your genius + services to attract ideal clients?

With a great desire to pass on your wisdom through your own business, a very important step is to create a website + signature program that communicates to the world what you can do. You might, however, find it difficult to talk about your own genius. This is normal! And, this is where I come in! Your genius is easy for me to see and words are my art - so together we can create your website + signature program to help you articulate your vision + your genius and also to share it with the world and attract your ideal clients.

Here's how it works

We discuss your work, signature program ideas, and outline the key components of your website, which typically include: home page, about page, services page, your blog or other page for sharing your thought leadership, and your contact page.


In our sessions, I'll ask questions and hold up the mirror for you to see your genius and the creative juices will flow. Together we'll come up with key language for your site to get your content rolling. I'll share my intuitive impressions and help you tap into your intuition too as support for decision-making.


You will do the detailed writing outside of our sessions and share drafts with me for editing. If writing isn't your jam, I have a professional writer on my team we can hire for you. As for your website design, we can work with the professional web design team of your choosing, or I have a website designer and stylist who can create your site through Wix, a DIY site you can maintain on your own.

basic package 

You will create the following for your business:

  • Signature program page - this is your main attraction, the service you're selling

  • About page - this includes your professional bio with you shining in your genius

  • Home page - this is your welcome and invitation for people to engage with you



If you desire, we can also create your:

  • Vision + Mission statement for your About page and to shape all of your business content

  • Thought leadership page in your best medium - writing, podcasts, videos

  • Free downloadable product on your website to build your mailing list 

add-on services can include

In addition to working with me, we can create your website launch team to include:

  • Writer to draft or copyedit your web copy

  • Designer to create your website through Wix to include SEO

  • Photographer to design a photoshoot with you for website images

  • Social media strategist to help create announcements of the launch of your site + signature program


You must be either: (1) currently testing your business ideas with beta clients or (2) already operating your business with an active client roster. If you have not started testing yet, I can help you design your test phase in a phone consultation.

Your investment

Basic package starts at 4 coaching sessions with me for $1,600


Sign up for a free, no-obligation, 30-minute phone consultation with me to discuss your business needs!

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