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Together, lets catalyze 
your vision into
team results 
Are you an organization who:
  • Desires to operate from purpose and a meaningful mission?

  • Wants your team to shine in their genius, know they matter, and be fiercely loyal?

  • Is committed to miraculous programmatic or sales results to make a positive impact on the world?

Focus on intention to bring good to the world is the big secret Oprah Winfrey attributes to her wildly successful television show. By focusing on intention toward making positive impacts for your customers, constituents, employees, and communities and operating from a heart-centered value system - you will cause positive results for your company.


As we shift the work force from the Industrial Revolution mindset (Hard at Work Paradigm) to a more purpose-driven focus and operating with the genius of our teams clear and in use (Heart at Work Paradigm), work is more fulfilling and fruitful for everyone. Let’s work together so I can help your company make this shift!

Ideal Time to Hire Me
  • You’re beginning as a new leader or shifting the vision or culture at an organization

  • You’re evaluating whether you have the right team in place and how to best utilize existing talent

  • You’re having a team results or turnover problem

Examples of how I can Help You
  • Guiding the process to help you set the organization vision (purpose, values, mission and more)

  • Serving as your sounding board & inspirational muse to bring out your genius

  • Showing you how to engage the right genius team to create your vision and see it through

  • Helping you and team members inspire the organization around the vision and align with it

What to Expect
  • Visioning exercises

  • Exploring types of genius needed and already available

  • Supporting you in resolving any ongoing organizational challenges

  • Reviewing hiring practices

  • Assessing communication tone and style in your company

  • Assessing current spoken and unspoken value systems in place

  • Creating inspiring and effective structures for team engagement and accountability

What We'll Create
  • A purpose and value system that causes your company and employees to thrive

  • Clear value system for your company that everyone can use as their compass

  • Strategies for hiring and promoting the right people and support to transition those who don’t match

  • Increased genius and creativity to solve problems and create new and better products and services

  • Purpose, passion, and positive impact as a way of doing business

Results for Your Organization
  • Increased engagement, success, and retention of employees

  • Reduction in turnover costs

  • Increase in sales and profits

  • Raving fans to keep your company growing!

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