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Word of The Year Checkpoint

At the start of the year, I encouraged you to choose a “Word of the Year” as a pwersonal mantra to catalyze your 2020 Career Vision. Your Word helps you embody higher consciousness and align with higher wisdom. This blog invites you to explore how your word has supported you so far and how it can guide you going forward.

Use Your Word to Help You Grow

Your Word is a powerful tool to use throughout the year. When you see it displayed or say it out loud, it is designed to call you forth. Whatever your vision is for the year, your Word calls you to grow, expand who you are, and explore new horizons to reach your higher potential. At any moment, you can look at what’s happening in your world - the blessings and the challenges - and notice that your Word has catalyzed your expansion. For example, my word this year is “Limitless,” and let me tell you… it has called me forth!

One of the things I learned in the first part of this year out of my word Limitless is that my emotions had really been controlling me in certain situations and limiting my potential. This was a block I had seen in some ways before but I felt totally powerless like there was nothing I could do about this issue. Now, with this word Limitless calling me forth, I have claimed my willingness to grow beyond past limits. I have been stepping into what the word means. And with that, I’ve learned that I am responsible for how I feel and I’ve begun to gain power around my emotions. I now see and understand my emotions more than ever, and I am able to be productive at higher levels than ever before! Simply put, my Word is working! Also, looking ahead, I also can see - with this major lesson around emotions - I feel called to learn new energy tools that will help me navigate my emotions.

3 Questions to Ask About Your Word of the Year

Now, you can do this same type of check-in for yourself. Sit with your Word. Write it down or look at a poster on your wall or vision board. Ask yourself these three questions:

  1. What challenges have you faced that are calling you to grow?

  2. What lessons have you learned that you can connect to your Word?

  3. How do you sense your word is calling you forth next?

Take a few moments to write down your answers.

Moving Forward with Your Word

If you haven’t yet, display your Word proudly in a special place so that it’s always top of mind for you and you remember its positive impacts on your vision. Look at your word daily, and hold these checkpoints regularly. As you acknowledge your wins and progress, you get to build on them. And you surely deserve to celebrate!

If working with a mantra or Word of the Year is new to you and you want to learn more, download my free Career Vision Guide here. You can also learn more by listening to my WGN radio interview.

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