A Juneteenth prayer for woke white women

Attn: Woke White Women.

This is a supportive message for those of us who desire to create equality for our black sisters and brothers, yet also feel like we're not taking consistent, supportive action.

The timing of this message is significant as this Saturday is the holiday of Juneteenth, a celebration day to memorialize emancipation of black slaves in the U.S. This week of Juneteenth is an especially potent time for woke white women to be in prayer asking for guidance on how we can help anti-racism efforts with our own unique feminine genius.

Why participate? As feminine beings, we yearn to help. We desire to create social justice and to forward anti-racism efforts, yet we can feel helpless at times not knowing where to start. The masculine in us says to jump into action. Yet when we listen to the feminine within, our wisdom says to first slow down and receive inner divine guidance. One way to open to receive guidance is through prayer.

And so to support each of us in tuning in, I offer a guided prayer to:

- REQUEST clarity on your feminine genius to contribute,

- RELEASE fear that holds you back from full expression, and

- REVEAL inner guidance and pathways to activism.

Join me for 6 minutes of guided prayer that you can access anywhere, anytime for free on my teacher page on the Insight Timer app: A Prayer for Guidance on How to Help Anti-Racism Efforts

About the Author

Hi I'm Gina Marotta, and I can help you step into your higher calling. My unique body of work is about "Feminine Genius" which includes bringing your innate talent + feminine energy (spirituality, creativity, intuition, feelings, and fluidity) into a career focus that changes people's lives for the better. I serve from extensive study in the divine feminine, as well as 20+ years experience as a leader in multiple industries. I have worked professionally as a lawyer, a nonprofit managing director, and an entrepreneur; and I bring all that experience and wisdom to you. You will also find me quoted and interviewed often as a career expert in media outlets like Thrive Global, The Huffington Post, American Bar Association Magazine, Barron's Next Magazine, and WGN Radio.