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Career Planning Tools for 2019 to Love Your Work

The greatest threat to your career dreams is you. This is because we are all at risk for SELF-SABOTAGE. We get in our own way thanks to limiting beliefs in our subconscious minds. This negative thinking, that we often are not even aware of, causes fear and doubt around our truest desires and calling. These beliefs then cause us to procrastinate on our goals or to engage in behavior that is counterproductive, like spending a lot of time on social media and comparing ourselves to others.

The real struggle of self-sabotage is feeling like we do not have the power to fulfill on what we are most inspired and hopeful to accomplish. Feeling like a victim of our circumstances is truly one of the biggest pain points in our careers. And so, we need career planning tools to turn this around! Here are 3 tools to give you back ownership of your career destiny:

1. FORESIGHT Foresight is your time commitment to reflect and to create a written vision for your career future this year. You know what you want. The desires within you are meant to be your destiny. And they will be if you take the time to write down your ideas and create preventative strategies to act in the face of self-sabotage. I have created a simple one-page template to create your 2019 Career Vision and I've written a short guide to show you how to use it. I have taken out the guesswork for how to determine your direction and how to create strategies for success, and so, nothing is truly stopping you! Download the Career Vision Guide now. (See to the far right on this page or click here).

2. FIRE Once you have a used foresight and created your Career Vision, your next career planning tool is called fire. This is a tool to provoke you into action, because without action to follow it through, your vision is meaningless. When something is on fire, you must act, right? That is the idea here. You need to create a structure for yourself so that you must be in action around your vision. Let's say you want to start a business this year and so to get started you commit that every Tuesday night you will do research for and take action around your business idea. This is a good structure but there is no fire. Likely when Tuesday comes around you'll engage in procrastination or find other priorities to focus on. That is classic self-sabotage. Want to know what to do on Tuesday nights instead to create fire? Tune into the replay of my New Year's Day interview on WGN RADIO with Pete McMurray where I give this advice. Listen to my interview here.

3. FAITH Any act of creation requires faith, and this is our third career planning tool. When we engage in foresight and visioning, we are intending to create something that does not yet exist. In that situation, we will inevitably have moments of doubt, feeling that what we want to do is out of reach. This is when faith practices can feel like the only tools available to carry us forward. We need these in the moments of sitting on our couch procrastinating. We need these when we have been in action but feel like we're not progressing and don't know what to do next. We can use prayer to ask for guidance, and we can use meditation as a way to center ourselves and hear the guidance come back to us. When we ask for guidance, it can come back in many ways during or after meditation, like a whisper within, a vision in our mind, wisdom from a friend, or something we read in a book.

Spiritual Practice: Listening for guidance on your Career Vision in meditation

My clients most want to know HOW they will accomplish their career vision and goals. In fact, they are often obsessed with knowing. The reality is, we don't know in advance how our dreams will unfold. So again, we need career planning tools to guide us. In the realm of faith practices, meditation is THE tool for opening our receptive energy to be guided in HOW our career dreams will unfold. Lately I've been testing out the Insight Timer App. Below is my selection of 3 meditations to help you feel more centered and open to hearing guidance this year:

Morning Meditation with Music by Johnathan Lehmann (10 minutes under Happiness Category)

Loving and Listening to Yourself with Sarah Blondin (12 minutes under Healing Category)

Nature Sounds: The Ocean by Owen Jenkins (30 mins under Nature Sounds Category)

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