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Get Career Advice From Risk-Takers Like Lady Gaga

If you are exploring the possibility to take a bold career turn – like entering a new industry or starting your own company – you want to be mindful (and picky really) about where you receive your career advice. A big mistake I often see people make is accepting career advice from the wrong people. There is no shortage of people out there who will tell you their opinion about what you should or shouldn’t do with your career. Too often these are people who – when you look deeper – are unhappy with their professional lives or are speaking to you from their own fears. Beware of these folks! They are projecting their own issues onto you. They have likely given up their dreams somewhere along the way, and so they will provide you advice skewed from this perspective. They will drive you toward the least-risky routes, which are usually away from your dreams.

Your best sources for career advice will be people who you admire, those who have already made big dreams come true. Only other big dreamers, who have gone through the inside-out transformation of an unconventional path, can really understand what you need to get where you want to go. The reality is that your road ahead will have many ups and downs and twists and turns. And so you need proper advisors who will see this as exciting, and see that the challenges ahead are not threats to you but rather opportunities to step into your greatest potential.

Lady Gaga is an example of a big dreamer and risk-taker who has standing to give solid advice about following your dreams. She has risen to the top of an industry that most people would advise against entering because it is too risky. She defied the odds because she knew her genius was in music and she pursued it with her heart and hard work.

If you've got a bold dream, spend more time following and learning from inspiring industry leaders like Lady Gaga (music), Oprah Winfrey (media), Will Smith (acting), Marie Forleo (online business), and DJ Blatner (health). Follow them on social media. Read their career stories. Watch their talks on how they made their dreams come true. Let them inspire the best in you. There's a formula for winning, and risk-takers like Lady Gaga can show you that your big dreams are possible and how to achieve them.

PRO TIP: Also be sure to network in your local community. Go out and seek advisors in your city and your industry that you can build a personal relationship with and who can guide and encourage you around the steps it will take you to accomplish your dreams.

Spiritual practice: A meditation to build confidence

As you start to follow a big dream, the most challenging obstacle holding you back is your own self doubt. Remember that the big dream inside of you is not just yours. Your dream was divinely planted inside you and you have divine power to see it through. It is ok if you start out slow, with small steps, feeling insecure. What matters is that you start. Here is a meditation to build confidence from the Insight Timer (free meditation) app:

You are Enough (5 minute guided meditation)

By Lisa A. Romano

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