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2 Strategies to Love Your Work More Right Now

Want to love your work more, but don't feel like that is possible now? It is common to think you'll enjoy work more at some later time ... after this project is done, at the end of busy season, or when you get a new job. The biggest problem with this idea is that it perpetuates, and then you find you have gone through a bad month, then quarter, and even a whole year. In coaching clients toward loving work, I can tell you that creating more fun NOW is essential. Making good on where you are almost always must come before something new and better can show up. This is because you must demonstrate that you can create harmony where you are before you will receive your next higher level opportunity. So, once you become willing to take responsibility to love your work then all you need are winning strategies. And today I am sharing 2 strategies to love your work that I continually find effective with my clients:

Strategy 1: Discover and delegate tasks you no longer like doing

Over time your job may have become filled with tasks you don't like or that you've outgrown. Your energy being drained by these tasks is not good for you or anyone. Your employer is not getting your best work or your most positive can-do attitude. The good news is: what you hate doing someone else loves! So to get started in loving your work more right now, take time throughout your workday to write down a "no longer doing wish list" of tasks you intend to delegate or somehow shift over to someone who'd love that work.

Strategy 2: Find and take on a new project that feels fun

As you clear away what you dislike and what drains you, you make space for more work that involves your best talents, subjects you enjoy, and areas you want to grow. During your workday start to write a "fun work wish list" where you track ideas for work you want to add or do more of. This can involve working with your favorite colleagues, taking on a passion project, testing out one of your new creative ideas, or whatever feels exciting to you. All that matters is that you're beginning to fill your time with what feels fun and can be part of your current job.

Once you've got clarity on what you desire to do more of and less of, with your lists in hand, you now have a road map to creative changes that will bring you love for your work again. Accomplishing these goals by making courageous requests and getting necessary buy-in may not seem easy at first, but if that's the case, it is part of your growth path. By making these kind of bold changes you are preparing and becoming more skilled in ways you need to for your next opportunity! Also, know that you don't have to make all the changes immediately to feel relief. Just by getting started in creating your lists, taking inspired action, and trusting these changes will come with your positive efforts is enough to increase your work love right now.

Spiritual Practice: A Prayer to Release Blocks to Progress

When we want to make change we can sometimes come up against thoughts that the change we want is not possible. These thoughts stop us from taking steps toward what we truly desire and then do in fact block our progress. The reality is any big change happens through our alignment and our efforts. So, we need a spiritual practice to help relieve us from the negative thoughts. A prayer can work miracles to shift our thinking and open us up to new perceptions and creative solutions. Here's a sample:

Dear Higher Power, My thoughts are telling me what I want is not possible. But I know that with you all things are possible! And so, I ask for a change in my perception. Please guide me to wash away this negative thinking and bring in new, creative solutions so that I may be of service as is in my highest good and in service of others. Thank you. Amen.

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