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Make 2019 great with these year-end practices

December 5, 2018


 Forever a lawyer, I geek out over great questions that give us an opportunity to reflect and create clarity. December is an optimal time to ask questions and gain wisdom from what has occurred over the past year in our careers to lay a foundation for what is to come. 


One of my career mentors, best-selling author and spiritual teacher Christine Arylo, taught me 4 powerful Reflection Questions to use when completing any project, event, relationship, or an entire year. This month is a great time to look back and ask these 4 questions about your career in 2018: 


1. What were the successes?
2. What were the surprises?
3. What were the failures?
4. What were the lessons?


Giving focus to these questions around our career can help us to feel proud of what we've accomplished. Often, we forget to celebrate what went well because we tend to keep our eye on what didn't work and needs improvement. We want to build on what worked!


Surprises are fun to examine because as adults we tend to over plan, and so the surprises may show us where our higher power has guided us in unexpected directions. This helps us have perspective on where we are really meant to go, even if we feel afraid or lack confidence. Surprises can also show us what we neglected or where we were naive and helps us know what might need our attention going forward.


Finally, acknowledging career failures may not seem so fun but it is the most helpful. Every failure is worthwhile when we discover the learnings. When we take time to reflect and understand that the challenges we faced prepared us in some way for who we are becoming and where we are destined to go, we remember that everything is a blessing. And that wisdom helps us be more true to ourselves and continue to courageously take risks as we go forward.


Spiritual Practice: Listening for guidance on the new year
This time of year is great to ask for and receive guidance from our higher power for what is ahead in the new year. We can ask with simple prayers like "guide me" and "show me." We can tune into guidance through taking deep breaths or full-on meditation and listening. We can also receive clues from messages that pop up in life and feel right and exciting to us - in books, on social media, on billboards, in conversations with friends, and during times of our spiritual practices.


As these inspired messages come into our minds and hearts, I suggest a practice to jot them down in a designated space on your phone, computer, or in a notebook. As examples, so far for 2018, I've written down:


- images I want for my vision board
- ideas for my word of the year 
- inspired ideas from oracle cards on the new year
- project ideas and goals 
- spiritual practices and new tools to help in my growth 


The beauty of this listening practice is that it is simply an intake process. No decisions need to be made in December. All of this becomes a primer for the visioning and creating process in January. 


Extra Support: Career coaching for clarity on the new year
December and January are ideal times of year for clarifying our direction and creating strategies to help us reach our highest potential. Now is a great time to book a coaching session with me for guidance on creating your 2019 Career Vision which includes a simple but powerful plan to take your career and confidence to new heights in the new year. A special price is available for a limited time: get a 1-hour session for $199 (30% off!) We can meet in person at my downtown Chicago office or via Zoom video conference. Book your 2019 Career Visioning Session now!

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