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How to get confident for a new career

Many clients hire me to help them discover a new or upgraded line of work that they will love. And so, my job is to help them uncover what I call their "genius." This is their natural talent and experience that all adds up to a career direction they are passionate about and would be both fun and easy to execute on a daily basis.

The problem that almost always arises once we discover a client's genius is that the client doesn't feel "qualified" for the line of work we identify. This is because they have not yet held a job doing precisely that work nor do they have an educational degree in that line of work. Logically speaking, these are reasons to not feel confident about pursuing that new career direction.

When I left my career as a lawyer to uncover a new line of work I'd love, I stumbled upon a big secret to gaining confidence in pursuing a new career direction that I now apply with my clients. I discovered that:

Confidence comes from doing the work you want to do, not before.

Spiritual Practice: Setting an intention to test a new idea

Many of my clients manifest a beta project by simply the act of setting an intention. In other words, we define what they'd like to do and why this is important, and then almost always the opportunity magically shows up! The clarity of the intention opens the space for the universe (or God) to respond with a "yes" and a person or situation that is a perfect fit. If you have a career direction you'd like to test out, simply start by setting an intention using spoken or written words to articulate your desire. Here is a sample: I am open to receive a beta test client in (fill in the blank).

Extra Support: Uncover work you love through coaching

Spotting inner genius (essentially the work you'd love) is something I do every day with ease with clients, loved ones, and sometimes even strangers at cocktail parties because, well, I can't help it! It's my intuitive strength that comes very naturally. And in fact, it is fair to say that seeing genius is my genius. If you're wanting to love your work but feel stuck not knowing what you'd love to do, let's start by uncovering your genius. Sign up for a free, no obligation 30-minute phone consultation HERE.

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