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How to give yourself a promotion

Clients often come to me frustrated about lack of leadership in their workplace, with express gripes about some areas that are being greatly neglected. This often provokes a reaction of resistance where the person feels frustrated, angry, and even resentful about what is falling through the cracks and how it is impacting them and others. In this situation, rather than face it with resistance, there is great power to instead bring initiative.

Taking initiative would look like this. You sit down and create a plan to solve the problem - and if it feels right - even go ahead and take action on the plan even though no one asked you. Most bosses will greatly appreciate that you've done this on your own. Taking initiative is an act that shows you to be someone who solves problems rather than someone who simply complains. And you've demonstrated creativity, leadership, loyalty, and your specialized skills by turning a frustrating situation around.

After demonstrating all of this, you can take a step further, and prepare a presentation to show your company how you saved money or created efficiencies in solving this problem and how you can continue to expand on this in the future to position yourself for a promotion. Fingers crossed that your company will recognize you as the hero you are and say yes; but even if they don't, you've got this experience under your belt to both give you confidence and add to your resume for your next opportunity to ask for a promotion inside this company or at another. Snap! You've got the power! (Get inspired by this 90's hit song).

Spiritual Practice: Prayer to Boost Insight & Courage Taking initiative requires both insight and courage! If you're inspired to develop a solution to a problem in your company and to take action to implement it even if no one's asked you to, a prayer can work miracles to help see steps toward the solution and conjure up the courage to take action. Here's a sample:

Higher power, This situation at work (fill in the blank) is so frustrating. Rather than complain about it, please help me to be part of the solution. Work through my mind, heart, and hands. Show me what I can do to be of service. On my own I feel fear to take initiative, and so I ask that you please give me the courage and support I need to do the work you are calling me to do. Thank you. Amen.

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