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A solution for self-doubt at work

Do you ever ask for and get advice about a work situation from someone and then find yourself more confused? Here's why:

Many of us feel painful self-doubt as a result of comparing ourselves to others and thinking what works for them must also work for us. And this is just not true.

We are individuals. And we each have our own genius and formulas for success. We have our own styles of leadership and values we apply in how we work. We also have our own timelines. It is very freeing to recognize that when someone advises us and their advice does not feel good, we can discard it and look to ourselves for what we feel would be more effective, given our talents and style.

Essentially, the most important of all lessons to being happy at work is to gain self-awareness about WHO WE ARE individually, and to then work from this authentic place. There's nothing like knowing who we are as leaders and how we would resolve a situation given our genius, experience, and values - and then doing precisely that. And that just may not be the way others do it.

Spiritual Practice: Prayer to end the pain of comparison Comparison to others can be so painful. It can make us feel like we are behind, like we are not enough, or like we don't know what to do. And the trouble is, we don't even realize that we're causing our own agony. A prayer can work miracles to help open our eyes to see what we are doing so we can clear out the comparison to see our own path. Here's a sample:

Dear God/Universe/Angels (fill in whoever you pray to), When I see the success of others, I can feel pain, lost, and left behind. Help me let go of these thoughts, the fear, and help me to embrace my most authentic self and true path. I don't know how to do this and so I surrender it all to you. Please guide me to my healing and to being of loving service through my best talents that you have given me. Thank you. Amen.

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