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3 Fall Essentials To Go Back to Work You Love

This September, let's celebrate: "Back to Work (You Love)" Hey, just as you got excited to go back to school every September as a kid, with sharp pencils and new notebooks, how about ending the summer super excited to go "Back to Work" that you love? Read on for my unique combo of practical advice and spiritual guidance to do just that...

Practical Advice: A New Habit to Love Your Work Day Do you create a "To Do" list every day or every week? Just like you create that list, you can now add the habit to create a "No Longer Doing" list. Yes you can, and it's brilliant.

Here's why this habit works: The key to designing a career you love is intentionally designing your work day so that you are doing activities you love. Most people, though, when you ask them, couldn't tell you the activities they love to do. What most people do know, however, is the work they don't love. Enter the genius of this habit.

On a "No Longer Doing" list you begin to declare what activities you will now or at some date soon scratch from your responsibilities. You'll either fade the task out as lacking effectiveness or turn it over to someone else who would love doing that shit. I've recently started doing the later with my virtual assistant - and woah - my career joy is soaring!

Spiritual Practice: Prayer to End Self-Sabotage Many of us lack career joy out of our own self-sabotage - stinkin thinkin and hater habits that we don't even see we're doing to get in our own way! A prayer can work miracles to help open our eyes and see what we are doing so we can clear out the self-sabotage. Here's a sample:

Dear God/Universe/Angels (fill in whoever you pray to), Work feels hard for me as it does for so many. I know I am getting in my own way but I don't know how. Please guide me to see what I can do differently so that I may love the work I do and serve others lovingly. Thank you. Amen. Extra Support: Uncover Work You Love through Coaching A huge block that prevents many people from identifying work they love is the collective mindset that "work is hard." The reason this is a problem is that our natural talent - also known as our "genius" - is actually quite easy to us. And because our natural talent is "easy," and work is "hard," our computer-like brain doesn't equate that what we love is something we could actually do for work. Enter the magic of coaching with me.

Spotting inner genius is something I do every day with ease. In fact, I'm even known to do this with strangers at cocktail parties because, well, I can't help it! It's an intuitive strength I have that comes very naturally. And in fact, you could say that seeing genius is my genius. If you're wanting to love your work but you don't feel clear about what you'd love to do, let's chat. Sign up for a free, no obligation 30-minute phone consultation HERE.

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