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The Biggest Buzz-Killer to Your Genius

Your genius speaks to you through your most awesome & visionary ideas. It goes like this:

-You see a problem and realize a solution, or -You see a need and recognize how to fill it, or -You see how badly others are trying to handle something and you see a better way.

You know an awesome & visionary idea comes from your genius (rather than just being an awesome idea you happened to receive) if two additional factors are present: 1. you know it would be totally fun to spend your time on it, and 2. you notice the idea speaks to your most apparent natural talents.

So, the MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION is: why wouldn’t you pursue a genius idea? Here’s the MILLION DOLLAR ANSWER: One of the top reasons people don’t pursue their genius is because their survival instincts have moved into the driver’s seat of their professional lives.

A genius idea – by it’s very nature – involves risk & expanding out of your comfort zone. To bring it to life, you’ll be asked to be yourself, yes, but grow 10 levels along the journey. Your survival instincts – ONLY concerned with comfort, safety, certainty & not making mistakes or looking foolish in any way – HATE this kind of risk & change!

So just as quickly as a genius idea comes to you, your survival instinct chimes in to do what haters do: tell you everything WRONG with your idea or with you being the person to pursue it. Haters gonna hate!

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