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Why You're Bored at Work and a Cure

Many professionals suffer from legit boredom. They may be busy with an overwhelming number of tasks, yet none are very interesting or stimulating.

Here’s how this boring trend emerges: Professionals – like doctors, lawyers, and business persons – are excessively trained in linear thinking; and so they view their career and most of what they do with a linear lens.

Linear meaning: step A + step B must = desired result C. There is low tolerance for unpredictable twists & turns or anything that could look like a failure. Only carefully calculated action is followed when the path is obvious, clear & perfect, and when success is nearly guaranteed.

This means many professionals become extremely risk-adverse. They deeply fear following a creative idea or passion project because they don’t know: if it will work out, how it will work out, and when they will see results. As you might guess, this kills genius ideas before they even get started. And it makes for a super dull professional life.

There is a cure for this cycle of boringness that business professionals need to know about! It’s what I call “entrepreneur magic.” And so if you or a loved one is seeking more career excitement, you can read more about this important topic here…

What is “entrepreneur magic?” It refers to what entrepreneurs seem to know that other professionals have forgotten. Entrepreneurs believe in their ideas first, and then they believe in the creative forces of the universe that want to and do bring genius ideas to life.

Entrepreneurs recognize that creative ideas and dreams, by their very nature, are risky, unreasonable & buck conventional thinking and ways of doing things. With a new creative idea or dream, entrepreneurs know that it is normal to have no idea how to bring the idea to life, and they know you’re not supposed to!

Entrepreneurs know that you must sit with a new idea for awhile, in silence. And that you also must talk to others about it – a lot – to let the idea show itself to you more. And then, when you feel the call, you take inspired action. You test out the idea in fun ways.

And this is essential: Entrepreneurs know that in testing an idea, mistakes are common. They know that when you get something wrong, that doesn’t mean stop. It simply means you are getting closer to getting it right!

So, what entrepreneurs know is that your most important job is to stay with an idea, keep believing in it, developing it, and refining it based on trial and error. They know to simply listen to inner wisdom, which will show you each step to take.

Entrepreneurs know that inner wisdom is tied to the greater forces of the universe, and that these forces work with you to ensure your idea comes to pass. With your faith & inspired actions creating momentum, these forces will respond by bringing people and resources forth to support your genius idea…l i k e m a g i c !

In essence, this is what entrepreneurs believe. And if you remember to incorporate this magical, non-linear approach to your business strategies, you will no longer stop your dreams before they start. You will become adept to turning your unreasonable, crazy ideas into reality. And, with time you will know yourself as a master magician in business!


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