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Don’t Make Career Decisions Using this Word

Beware: Don’t ‘Should’ on Yourself

Did you ever try to wear something because it looked great on your friend or because it was the latest fashion trend; but when you put it on, it was either an outright disaster or something was just a little off? The same can happen in your career.

It’s so easy to make career decisions based on what other people are doing that looks important or worthwhile or based on what people we trust say is hot or not. Society, our parents, our peers – they all have something to say about the “best” career track that will lead to the most success. And those ideas then get programmed into our own minds as what we ‘should’ do in our career.

If you’d like to dig deeper into this topic and learn how to untangle yourself from the ‘shoulds’ of your career, you can! Check out my Aug 21 interview on The Dr. John Duffy Podcast. The episode is titled: “Why ‘should’ is literally the worst word ever.”

Tune in HERE.

And if you want more of Dr. Duffy & I, check out the second episode of my interview released on 8/24 where we take Q & A from young adults on navigating your career path. Tune in HERE.

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