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How Your Emotions Impact Your Success

Our emotional state impacts our ability to create the careers we desire. This is because as humans we are made up of energy. And, our emotions generate energy that circulates in and around our bodies. When we experience positively charged emotions – like: love, joy, gratitude, and hopefulness – we draw to us that which we desire. And when we experience negatively charged emotions – like hatred, guilt, anger, and disappointment – we repel that which we desire.

Let’s back up a moment to prove what I just offered.

How negative emotions repel what we desire

Among our most negative emotional states is powerlessness and shame. When we are in these lower feelings we are closed off and do not believe that what we desire for our careers is possible or that we deserve to realize those desires. In this emotional state, we cannot attract the promotion or new position we desire, nor can we bring in resources to help us achieve such desires. On the contrary, we attract to us more proof of the negative feelings we’re holding, like a big bill comes in the mail proving we have to stay stuck in the work we’re doing now. More things generally tend to go wrong when we’re in a powerless or shameful emotional state.

How positive emotions attract what we desire

Among our highest possible emotional states is gratitude or appreciation. Here, we feel good so we are open and receptive to notice and accept what we desire. In this state, people come to us to support the new promotion or new job we seek. It seems effortless and easy. We feel a high, connected to something beyond ourselves that is providing for us, and we feel worthy and deserving for what we are receiving. And in this high vibration state, more tends to go right.

We’ve all experienced both ends of the spectrum to know that what I’m offering is Truth. And, it is important to remember that there is more than these extreme two polarities. When it comes to our emotions, there is an entire scale of them.

One of my favorite, easy-to-follow tools to teach from about the art of creating our best, most desired careers is Abraham Hicks‘ Emotional Guidance Scale featured here:

This tool helps us see whether we are in an emotional state for creating what we desire, or if we are in an emotional state that is blocking our desire. This tool is also great because it helps us learn how to get unstuck – we simply “move up” the emotional scale. And so, we see that by using this tool, we have the power to create our best careers!

How to use the scale to attract what we desire

The scale guides us in creating our best careers by showing us the progression of feelings to get us closer to where we want to be. For example, if we find ourselves blazing with anger around a professional situation, we can move up to the less negative emotion of disappointment. And when we move to disappointment, we get closer to creating our desired outcome. Then we move up to pessimism, then to hopefulness, then to positive expectation, then to empowerment. And with each heightened state, we are allow our desires to connect with us.

Moving through these various emotional states is a healing process. And to move our emotional level upward, we engage whatever support we need, such as: a friend, a coach, a fav spiritual book, yoga, cardio exercise, tai chi, energy healing, or prayer. Sometimes we can shift quickly, and sometimes it is a slow process. Most important is to not judge ourselves harshly. We just keep putting our intentions and efforts toward moving onward and upward.

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