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Are You Imbalanced in Feminine Energy?

Our society labels certain behaviors in terms of gender. Driving motorcycles is manly, while taking ballet classes is womanly. But what really is the difference between masculine and feminine? We can distinguish the two as types of energy. And both are essential to the living out of our genius. However, we often miss the importance of feminine energy in business. This is because masculine energy has typically been more valued in our professional lives. So let’s explore these energies and why feminine energy is essential to business and expanding our genius.

Masculine energy is direct, linear, logical, and action-oriented. It is non-emotional and focuses on getting the job done. Our masculine energy ensures that once we set a goal, we move toward it and achieve it. Feminine energy is dreamy, intuitive, spiritual and playful. It is the opposite of linear and involves following the flow of the moment, wherever it may take us. Our feminine energy ensures that we are creative and take care of the needs of the moment and the people around us.

One energy without the other is imbalanced. Too masculine and we reach our goal yet do so blazing through without regard to consequences of people and places affected by our ambition. Too feminine and we have fun and make friends with everyone yet don’t reach our goals. Our modern society – in the context of business – has clearly favored masculine energy over the past century with the advent of the Industrial Revolution, and this has had many positive results. We’ve achieved so much in terms of progress. Yet we can see in many aspects of business, we’ve missed the mark on taking care of people and places because we haven’t given our feminine energy its due.

What does it look like to be in our feminine energy? We are purely in the moment. An idea comes to us, and we don’t move into action. Instead, we move into playfulness and nurturing. We allow the idea to show itself to us and then we engage in a flow of intuitive insights and the happenings of the world around us to nurture the idea and let it grow and shift and expand. Ideas are best when given time to reveal their best potential through our feminine energy.

So in our feminine energy, it looks something like this:

• we get an idea in the shower (being creative)then maybe we offer up a prayer about the idea (being spiritual)

• then maybe we take a walk and commune with nature (more being spiritual) and

• then meet with a friend and talk about the idea or go engage in some fun activity (being playful) and

• then maybe we take a drive and listen to music and the lyrics prompt an idea (being intuitive) and

• then maybe we consider how this idea supports and impacts all the people touched by it (being nurturing)

• then we get out our markers and draw images and write our ideas in a flow chart (being creative).

And with all this our idea is being nurtured and watered like the seed that it is meant to grow into as a flourishing part of our world.

Without this feminine energy, we get an idea – a spark – and immediately ask: “how do I make this happen?” And this is an error because in acting too soon – we don’t allow the idea to express its fullest potential. If we allow our feminine energy to flow and the idea to mature into a form that we intuitively feel is ready to be acted upon, then we engage our masculine energy effectively to get the job done!

So let us remember to give more love and attention to the power and importance of our feminine energy. This goes for both men and women, by the way. We each have both types of energy. For when we engage our feminine energy, we ensure that our best, most genius ideas are what we bring forth into our world.

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