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A Pre-Requisite to Uncover Your Genius

If you seek fulfillment in your work life, guess where focusing your love can most efficiently give you the results you desire? On YOU! Focusing your love on YOU. I’m sorry to have to break the news to you, but self-love is a requirement to knowing and expressing your inner genius.

I’ll be honest here. I used to think self-love was a bunch of crap. Ten years ago I met a woman who would later become one of my greatest spiritual mentors, Christine Arylo, who is known as The Queen of Self Love. When I met Christine I was a super busy rising star executive in the nonprofit world with an insanely full schedule. As much as I respected and liked her and was into personal growth and development, I thought: “who has time for self love?” Then several years later, as I began coaching people professionally around creating the lives and careers they most desired, I was like: “dammit, self love is EVERYTHING.” And, I’ve since come to hear this from other master teachers like Louise Hay.

Creating self love takes time and patience. It involves a whole lot of compassion for where we’ve been wounded, where we feel shame, and where we have found it best to protect ourselves and put up walls. And beyond all that, as we heal, it is then that we can discover our greatest talents and our genius.

One of the reasons I explain to clients that it takes several months for us to uncover their genius is because we need to work on self love as their foundation. It can be no other way.We cannot uncover and share our genius with the world without loving ourselves first.

And then – when we do love ourselves – look out! When we can see our true nature and who we really are and know that we are awesome in our light and dark qualities, we then become FREE to share our deepest, heart centered talents with the world. And THAT is everything!

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