3 morning motivation practices

Wisdom teaches: “how you start your day is how you live your day.” I often ask my clients in the early stages of our work: “how do you start your day?” Most people answer honestly that they begin by checking email and social media. What frame of mind do you suppose that creates? This creates fear, worry, and distress about what others are doing or expecting and that starts your day on a reactionary foot.

To take control of your experience of life and work, you can start your day with what’s known as a “morning practice.” This simply means that you intentionally start your day with a methodology that makes you feel the way you want to feel. Spiritual teachers have advised us over the ages to begin each day focused inward, on our divine connection, and in giving our day in service. What frame of mind do you imagine that creates? This creates peace, inspiration, and a sense of higher purpose that motivates your best.

If you would like to try some new tools to start your day motivated and on fire with purpose and clarity, here are three varieties of morning practices:

1. Ego Eradicator Meditation (3 minutes)

Get calm, create clarity, and relieve stress Kundalini yoga is a science-based technology that uses breathing, movement, meditation, and mantra to cultivate energy, healing, and vitality. In this video, Gabrielle Berstein teaches the technique known as Ego Eradicator, a common kundalini yoga meditation known to boost energy and clarity – a great way to start the day!

2. Tony Robbins’ Morning Routine (10 minutes)

Elevate your energy, feel good, and focus on your goals In this recording, you can listen to life coach and business strategist Tony Robbins as he teaches a 4-part morning routine that he personally uses in his own life, including: (1) breathing and movement; (2) gratitude practice; (3) healing and strengthening thoughts and energy for body, mind, soul, and relationships, and (4) visualization for future goals. If you’ve ever been to one of Tony’s live events, you’ve likely enjoyed the feel-good vibes that come from this practice!

3. Morning motivation messages (6 minutes)

A gentle kick in the butt when you need one

Listen to a variety of motivational messages from people who have achieved extraordinary success - like Denzel Washington, Joel Osteen, and Oprah Winfrey. This is sure to get your juices flowing!

--- About the Author: Gina Marotta loves work and wants you to as well! She writes, speaks, and coaches on career change toward loving your work. Gina is a two-time career changer herself, and she understands the plight of modern professionals as a former criminal defense lawyer, former executive nonprofit leader, and now as an entrepreneur and social justice activist. Gina has been featured in media outlets like: The Huffington Post, Thrive Global, WGN Radio, CBS Chicago News, and Fox Chicago News. She has also been recognized among 50 under 50 by Diversity MBA Magazine and one of 100 Women Making a Difference by Today's Chicago Woman Magazine.

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