6 affirmations to manifest your dream job

Wanting work to feel more fun, fulfilling, and fitting for you, but don't yet feel confident about your highest career dreams? Say these 6 affirmations every morning and watch your mindset (and opportunity) shift to help create your dream job:

  • I know that my deepest career desires are God's/the universe's/my angels' wishes for me and are meant to come true.

  • I focus my energy on providing value to others from my talent and experience and let go of my fears and comparison to others.

  • I am open and receptive to all resources I need to fulfill my dreams coming to me with ease.

  • I say yes to opportunities that excite me and I turn down opportunities that drain me.

  • I have an active inner guide leading me to my highest career decisions.

  • My work is loving the world. I am so happy and inspired.

Why affirmations work:

Simply put, what we think and speak will either bless our career or curse our career. A daily affirmation practice provides time to take control of our thinking and speaking. We can focus on our heart's desires and feeling the energy of our dreams coming true. This overrides the many negative thoughts that come up in our fear, doubt, and comparison to others. With time, what might have seemed difficult or impossible turns into reality.


When we handwrite these affirmations on small cards and decorate with colored markers, we give our loving energy and boost up the energy of the affirmation cards. It also helps to keep our affirmation cards handy - like on a dresser, alter, or kitchen table. And finally, as a back-up, we can keep a copy of our affirmations somewhere easily accessible on our phones in case we need to read them on the go.

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