Career Coaching +

Spiritual Guidance

align your work with your purpose, genius, and higher callinG
SEEKING 'SOMETHING MORE' through your career?
ready to invest in + begin YOUR NEW PATH?

Think of an inspiring moment when you've seen someone who loves their work, is passionate, brilliant, and has an air of living their best life. You likely whispered to yourself, “I want that!” You CAN create that. You CAN design your career to be fun, fulfilling, and fitting just for you. I’ve unlocked the secret, which is: 


Create your career from your "genius," which is your natural talent, experience, and passion. When you do this, your work is fun, easy, and in service to others in a way that is meaningful to you. Under this formula, work no longer feels like “work.” It’s more like playing  every day being yourself!


My signature coaching techniques focus on helping you uncover your genius, but not through personality assessments like other coaches use. Those tests spit out multiple career options from a predetermined database. I find these leave people even more confused! So we’re not going to do that. 


We’re going to find:

the ONE path you'll love

the ONE path that is ripe and ready inside of you

the ONE clear path to how you were designed to help others


Here’s the big relief you get by working with me: you can stop worrying about HOW to figure out how to create a career you love or how the heck you'd make a transition toward that path. Guiding you through a process to reveal your career destiny and how it will unfold is my specialty! All you have to do is put yourself in my hands. You can consider me your personal Yoda or Fairy Godmother to take you step-by-step through to clarity and a plan.


Results you can expect 

Taking you through 9 months of birthing your new genius work is comparable to a pregnancy. At the end of this time, you will understand, feel confident in, and be working in your next level genius zone. Your transformation begins on the inside - trading in self sabotaging habits for success strategies. This means: not only will you love your work, you will emanate love everywhere. You become a true helper in this world to shepherd others into greater joy simply from your presence and from the thought leadership that comes from your genius zone.


coaching services You will receive
  • 2-hours of coaching per month

You also get
  • Weekly spiritual practices

  • Weekly career development action items 

  • Email access to me between sessions for high-level feedback



If needed for your career transition, we can also develop written materials to share externally, such as:

  • Vision + Mission statement

  • Description of the paradigm shift you are creating through your work to raise consciousness

  • Professional bio or resume

  • A pitch to create a new role in your current company

  • Description of signature service offer for a new business 

  • Your thought leadership in your best medium - writing, podcasts, videos

  • Your website for a new business 

Your investment
  • 9-month coaching commitment at $800 per month for all 3 phases, or

  • Start with a one-month commitment for phase 1 only for a total investment of $1200 -  details HERE!



Sign up for a free, no-obligation, 30-minute phone consultation with me to explore if working together feels right. During our time together, we’ll discuss:

  • What are your current career pain points - what’s not working?

  • What do you know you desire?

  • How are you hoping I can help?

Also, you’ll have a chance to ask all your questions about my coaching style and services. At the conclusion of our call, you’ll receive my recommendations for how I can support you. Many people say even this consultation creates a sense of clarity and comfort. I look forward to being of service to you in falling in love with your career!