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Chicago, IL 60603-4910​​

Tel: 773-315-4918

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Career Coaching +

Spiritual Guidance

align your work with your purpose, genius, and higher callinG
SEEKING 'SOMETHING MORE' through your career?
ready to invest in + begin YOUR NEW PATH?

Think of an inspiring moment when you've seen someone who loves their work, is passionate, brilliant, and has an air of living their best life. You likely whispered to yourself, “I want that!” You CAN create that. You CAN design your career to be fun, fulfilling, and fitting just for you. I’ve unlocked the secret, which is: 


Create your career from your "genius," which is your natural talent, experience, and passion. When you do this, your work is fun, easy, and in service to others in a way that is meaningful to you. Under this formula, work no longer feels like “work.” It’s more like playing  every day being yourself!


My signature coaching techniques focus on helping you uncover your genius, but not through personality assessments like other coaches use. Those tests spit out multiple career options from a predetermined database. I find these leave people even more confused! So we’re not going to do that. 


We’re going to find:

the ONE path you'll love

the ONE path that is ripe and ready inside of you

the ONE clear path to how you were designed to help others


Here’s the big relief you get by working with me: you can stop worrying about HOW to figure out how to create a career you love or how the heck you'd make a transition toward that path. Guiding you through a process to reveal your career destiny and how it will unfold is my specialty! All you have to do is put yourself in my hands. You can consider me your personal Yoda or Fairy Godmother to take you step-by-step through to clarity and a plan.


Results you can expect 

Taking you through 9 months of birthing your new genius work is comparable to a pregnancy. At the end of this time, you will understand, feel confident in, and be working in your next level genius zone. Your transformation begins on the inside - trading in self sabotaging habits for success strategies. This means: not only will you love your work, you will emanate love everywhere. You become a true helper in this world to shepherd others into greater joy simply from your presence and from the thought leadership that comes from your genius zone.


coaching services You will receive
  • 2-hour kickoff coaching session in month one

  • 2-hour visioning session in one of the nine months to be determined

  • 2 one hour coaching sessions for all other month

You also get
  • Weekly spiritual practices

  • Weekly career development action items 

  • Email access to me between sessions for high-level feedback



If needed for your career transition, we can also develop written materials to share externally, such as:

  • Vision + Mission statement

  • Description of the paradigm shift you are creating through your work to raise consciousness

  • Professional bio or resume

  • A pitch to create a new role in your current company

  • Description of signature service offer for a new business 

  • Your thought leadership in your best medium - writing, podcasts, videos

  • Your website for a new business 

Your investment
  • 9-month coaching commitment at $800 per month for all 3 phases, or

  • Start with a one-month commitment for phase 1 only for a total investment of $1200 -  details HERE!



Sign up for a free, no-obligation, 30-minute phone consultation with me to explore if working together feels right. During our time together, we’ll discuss:

  • What are your current career pain points - what’s not working?

  • What do you know you desire?

  • How are you hoping I can help?

Also, you’ll have a chance to ask all your questions about my coaching style and services. At the conclusion of our call, you’ll receive my recommendations for how I can support you. Many people say even this consultation creates a sense of clarity and comfort. I look forward to being of service to you in falling in love with your career!

Client Success Stories

From start-up hustle to 

higher calling leadership

I hired Gina while running my first business Cheeky Chicago, an online magazine and events company for women, after hitting a point where I felt like I wanted to do something different but didn’t know what it was and didn’t know how to leave something I had spent so much of my time, heart, and energy creating. While I was proud of my business, I felt exhausted, struggled in my relationship with my business partner, and knew there must be something more for me.

Fast forward to today where I am running my new business, The Simply Be. Agency, focused on helping individuals clarify and share their most authentic personal brand. Gina helped me uncover my best talents and the type of work I would love doing. In essence, Gina gave me PERMISSION to follow my heart.  This was a process that took me a year to go through, and Gina was there for me, step by step. She also helped me to transition out of my first business and begin a transition path that gave me the confidence to open my agency. The agency is thriving with a rapid expansion of employees and accolades. I have been featured in Forbes, won a Stevie Award in the entrepreneur category, and regularly speak on stages like Mindvalley and Northwestern School of Business as an expert on personal branding. I love what I do and am shining today because I know I was born for this work. This clarity and my transition was all born out of that coaching work I did with Gina.

Working with Gina, our sessions were a mix of tactile advice on how to handle my transition with love and honoring myself and others involved, and it also involved deep self inquiry using Gina’s spiritual guidance and many tools. To this day, Gina is my #1 Fan and even though our work came to a close, I will always consider her my coach. She was one of the best decisions -and investments - I have ever made. I highly recommend working with Gina if you’re feeling lost like I was, but know you were born to thrive!


Jessica Zweig, Founder & CEO, Simply Be. Agency

From corporate rut to entrepreneurial adventure


I engaged Gina as my coach while working at a marketing agency. I knew I needed change in my career because I am usually a very joyful, people-oriented person, yet I was feeling burned out in my job and struggling in relationships. I often felt overworked and yet overlooked for growth opportunities. Gina was able to talk me through some very challenging moments and help me see at a deeper level my true needs and feelings, and also how these challenges were actually helping me grow into my next career chapter. She helped me navigate during this time, clearing away my negative beliefs and patterns that got in my way and this process opened clarity to the entrepreneurial path I really wanted to pursue.

Gina guided me through her signature career visioning process where I set goals and a plan to explore freelance projects in both marketing and photography while still in my job. Setting these goals felt empowering and exciting and set the wheels in motion to break free from a corporate environment where I felt I had hit my maximum growth potential.  Six months after creating this vision, I left my job and became a full time entrepreneur and haven’t looked back since! 

Today, I run my own marketing agency, Bee Seen Marketing (which Gina helped me name in one of our sessions!), where I offer marketing, photography, and web design services. Fitting for my creative and adventurous style, I can now create my own schedule and I can work from anywhere. The most fun and amazing part is that through my work I get to fulfill on my deep passion to help people doing great things to be recognized and seen for the good they are putting in the world. 

It was through my coaching work with Gina that I developed the confidence to make the career change and big leap of going out on my own. Gina helped me to identify my greater purpose, best talents, and passions. She guided me through testing out projects as a freelancer. And she even gave me several referrals for new clients from her own network. I highly recommend working with Gina if you’re wanting more in your career and desiring support to uncover your most authentic path!

Jordana Stevian
Owner, Bee Seen Marketing

From good to great -

3  reinventions in 1 company


I have worked with Gina as my coach in three different stages of my career growth at the same company. We first worked together after a performance review where I realized I needed to strengthen my professional leadership skills so I could honestly be better at my job. From our work together, I learned that my extreme work ethic had left me feeling unbalanced as a leader and that heightened self-care allowed me to accelerate and make a positive impact within my work. Through some new perspectives I applied the techniques she taught me and I became a more balanced, happy and compassionate leader, which has served me throughout my career.

Next, I hired Gina when exploring a new opportunity at my company that involved global development and relocation to the corporate headquarters. Gina helped me clarify the talents I would bring to this new role and to design my leadership philosophies to give me a real sense of purpose that sparked even more passion and confidence. I was ultimately chosen for the job and took a leap of faith moving my family cross-country. Gina continued to guide and support me through various role changes and challenges. Each lesson and session with her gave me the gift of being a better person, inside and outside of my work.

Most recently, I reached out to Gina for coaching support after my husband and I decided to explore the possibility of moving back to our home town. I had no idea what this would mean for my career at the time. Gina knew the inquiry to take me on - she guided me to look at what I really wanted and ultimately, she helped me create a transition plan. I approached my company with a big vision for a new position that satisfied company needs and were a perfect fit for my talents and passions. This was a challenging time of stepping out into the unknown and the biggest leap of faith in my career. Gina helped me get clear, elevate my confidence, and helped me prepare to lean in heart and soul to design and negotiate my new role with amazing success!

I am so grateful to have worked with Gina during each of these transitions over a six year period. She has empowered me to take full control over my career while also creating more joy, love and fulfillment in my work. I highly recommend working with her.


Beth B., Education Director