Together, lets cultivate 
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Are you facing any of these issues in your work life:
  • Unhappy or unmotivated in your current role & seeking a greater sense of fulfillment?

  • Struggling with relationships & wanting meaningful connection & collaboration?

  • Considering a big move like a career change or starting, closing, or expanding a business?

  • Desiring to work with less stress & more balance with your personal life & passions?


If you find yourself stuck in a career rut while facing questions like these, and your usual strength and confidence can’t pull you through, consider that something bigger may be at play than your next upward career move. You may be looking beyond traditional definitions of success, now seeking to be of service and to do work you love. Does this resonate? If so, when you get quiet, you might hear your heart asking you to explore really big questions, like:

Who am I?

What do I really want to do with my life?

What are the gifts I have and am meant to contribute?

These questions might feel overwhelming to you, but to me these are questions I support my clients through every day.


A couple pieces of wisdom I can offer:


First, I can tell you that when asking these bigger questions, you’re at a career crossroads where simply fixing surface-level issues like changing your job or company won’t give you the satisfaction you seek.  You must dig deeper into yourself.


Second, in mindfully navigating the surface-level challenges you open the answers to the bigger questions. In examining your challenges beyond the surface to identify the root cause, essential soul lessons are revealed that unlock your higher potential and show you the direction you are meant to go. What this means is that what looks now like “problems” are actually important catalysts to reveal the answers your heart seeks. They are what is known in spiritual speak as “blessings in disguise” because of the good they are bringing your way. They are guiding you to your true calling.

As your career coach & spiritual guide, I can support you through examining your challenges/blessings and guide you to uncover your calling. My specialty is to support you in the deeper self discovery process of identifying your inner genius, which you were born with and which will provide everything you need to see your calling through. My process also involves reconnecting you with your inner wisdom, and so, you ultimately become your own best career coach & spiritual guide. As you learn to operate from faith and as a co-creator of your career path with the universe or God, you’ll experience more joy, peace, ease, and freedom. You’ll know how to discover and take your next right steps. You’ll know you’re ok to take risks and even leaps of faith to follow your heart and dreams. And you’ll know that no matter what happens, you are supported and safe.

Here is

what you get

in working

with me

Intuitive Readings

You receive spiritual guidance through oracle card readings and me serving as a divine channel providing intuitive insights around the deeper soul reasons and lessons surrounding why you are stuck, where are you going, and how to grow into your next level professionally. Here, we diagnose the root cause of any issues you’re facing. With this clarity, we can truly empower you to put some strategies and practices in place to create the peace you seek that you can carry over the long term of your career.

Identifying Your Genius & Calling

You receive coaching to bring out your inner genius, best ideas, and most creative self. Whether you have ideas about what you want to do next in your career or no clue at all, through my questions and the flow of our work together, we’ll bring you to clarity about your career path and what you are meant to do next.

Creating a Plan & Structure for Action

You receive my signature template to create your very own “Career Vision & Action Plan” to inspire you and guide your action, accountability, and success!  Together, we’ll identify the key elements of your plan such as purpose, goals, obstacles, and strategies. You will complete this portion of our work with clear action steps to take which will give you confidence, and even more, your career vision acts like a magnet that attracts resources and opportunities we’ve defined within your plan.

Combo of Practical & Magical Coaching

You receive coaching, mentorship, and practical advice on how to bring your vision into reality from my many years of professional experience as a lawyer, an executive, an entrepreneur, and career changer. I will also teach you about using magic to create your dreams through heart wisdom, intuition, the law of attraction, and other mystical strategies that allow you to manifest your desired results or … something even better.

Here's how 

30 Day Jumpstart Coaching
initial diagnosis & solutions for clarity, relief, & progress
30 Day Career Visioning

Pricing ranges from $900 - $2,000 for one or both of these services.

All client packages are customized after a private consultation with me.

Additional coaching services beyond these two options are available and can

be built into your package.

“Gina has been an instrumental guide and support as I've made heart and soul leaps into work that lights me up...that I've been born to do...that defies conventional norms. She saw the magic in me and heard my passions and desires and threaded them together in a cohesive way that made me think: 'WOW! That's it! That's the work I've been wanting to do but didn't know how to package it together and birth into the world!" If you need clarity, Gina will knock your socks off.”

- Janet-Lee Ropas

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