Step into your life’s work. Love what you do and how you lead every day.


Leave your mark.

Transition your work into your genius zone in 9-months through business coaching with Gina Marotta 

You know you are made for more. 


You’re accomplished. You’ve reached amazing heights in your field. Now you want to grow in new ways. Yes, your job pays the bills, but something is missing. You don’t feel fully actualized. You know there is more greatness within to share with the world. And while you have ideas, you’re not fully clear and confident about what your next career move looks like or how to get started in the midst of your already busy life.

Your life’s work is brewing within. 

You desire clearer focus, a vision, and to know what is your life’s work. In this next career chapter, you desire to unleash your talent, passion, and experience to empower others and create a better world. This is work in your genius zone - where you naturally show up confident, as a thought leader, and you attract opportunity with ease. This is the work you were born to do and have been cultivating over your lifetime.

You can transition in as little as 9 months.

In my 9-month coaching program, I’ll guide you through my proven process to uncover your genius and then pivot your career into that direction. Once you know what is yours to do and where to give your energy, then I’ll guide you through your career transition into starting a new role, new industry, or new business. My process is 9-months because birthing your next level of genius is akin to birthing a baby. In three trimesters, you’ll gain the clarity, breakthroughs, resources, and confidence you need to shift your career fully into your new direction.

Here are the results you can expect coaching with me:

Clarify your unique genius 

You don’t have to figure this out alone. Seeing genius is my genius, so I will help you recognize your genius with certainty. That’s why they call me “The Genius Guru!”

A clear vision and plan

Once we zero in on your genius, we’ll test out ideas to uncover your most fun, easy, and impactful way to share it. As we test, your vision and plan become clear.

Confidence in yourself and your path

Fear and doubt will arise. I’ll support you to go where others stop using spiritual wisdom and practices that allow you to grow into the leader you want to become. 

Transition into your life’s work in 9 months

Following my process, you will begin engaging in your life’s work almost immediately by making minor changes. Within 9 months, you can expect to work in your genius zone full-time. 

The 9-Month Coaching Experience

Here's what the transformational experience looks like: 

PHASE 1: Examine

Clarifying your genius. You have inner genius that includes a unique combination of natural talent, experience, and passion. It's the work that is most fun and easy for you. I'll show you how to see your genius so that you shape a career you love and bring great value to others.


PHASE 2: Empower

Cultivating confidence in your genius. Once you know your genius, you're not done! I'll guide you to test out your genius and learn to harness your creative power so that you can develop the strength and power required to fulfill on your highest genius potential.


PHASE 3: Embody

Creating breakthrough results from your genius. Tapping your genius to bring out your most brilliant work is less about what you do and more about your state of being. I'll teach you practices to tune in through your mind, body, and soul to access your genius on demand.

From World CHAMPION to Successful coach

"Gina shows deep love for her work which translates to her love for her clients. She asks the right questions to reveal the secrets within that you don’t see. This helps her guide you to move forward into clarity and toward your true potential and who you are meant to be."

Diandra Asbady

Founder of Beyond The Lanes

And, you get all of these services along the way:

2 coaching sessions per month

My style is a mix of intuitive guidance to meet you where you are plus an array of proven tools and strategies to help clarify your genius, reveal blocks, and move you to where you want to go. 

Post-session action plans

After each session, I provide you with a written plan summarizing the development activities you’ll do plus resources to support you so that you take action in the direction you want to go.

Support between sessions

Between sessions you may want to celebrate a success, get my feedback on something, or just know you are supported. I’m always available to you for quick motivating check-ins!

Access to my network

My network is filled with brilliant professionals, so know that I’ve got your back in all your needs from website designers to beta clients to mentors in new career areas. 

Writing and editing support

Making your transition will include showing others your genius in writing - be it a new bio, resume, website or business pitch. I’ll help you write about yourself in compelling ways!

Daily spiritual practices

To grow into your next level of genius requires connection to your inner wisdom and strength. These practices will help you feel confident and at ease even moments of uncertainty.

Meet your

genius gurU

I’m Gina Marotta and I know what it feels like to be successful on the outside yet know on the inside that you’re destined for something more. I have personally experienced calls from deep in my soul to relinquish the career I knew to fulfill a greater purpose. These callings demanded that I go deep within to see my emerging genius, to uncover limiting beliefs that would keep me small, and to cultivate deeper understandings of the nature of life so that I could move forward with faith and courage into the unknown. Who I got to be on the other side of these transformations is akin to the caterpillar transforming into a butterfly: more magnificent, joyful, light, and free.


Today, I am known as “The Genius Guru” because my work is about seeing deep into the genius of people like you and helping you gain clarity and courage to step into your greater path. As a guide, I offer deep wisdom in transformational strategies given my extensive training in spiritual mysticism. I also offer business savviness in practical strategies given my former professional lives as a courtroom lawyer and organizational leader. During times of great change, I recommend you find a guide who has gone where you want to go. I do this myself, always. If you feel inspired by my path I may be the guide you’ve been looking for to step into your life’s work.

Headshot fun.jpg

From Online magazine founder to Powerful Global CEO

"Gina clearly has a soul call to lift people up and out of where they are and into where they want to be. She does this through pragmatic wisdom as well as intuitive spiritual guidance. I have never had anyone root for me the way she does."

Jessica Zweig

CEO of Simplybe. Agency

Your investment to clarify + begin your life’s work:


9 months over 3 seasons of the year.


To start, you will receive a contract explaining all terms of our agreement + a pre-survey


Month One:

Two-hour career dreaming retreat (in-person if possible)

Remaining 8 months:

Two one-hour sessions

per month

Daily spiritual practices to help you expand and cultivate

inner strength 

Weekly creative assignments

to develop your new

business direction

$1,000/month on auto-pay; simply set up your first payment 

Total financial investment:

$9,000 with a ROI of a career you love every day and that will leave your legacy on the earth!


Ready? Create momentum with

one easy step:

If this coaching offer resonates with your heart and soul, go ahead and book your free 30 minute session right now. By scheduling, you make no further commitment beyond this one-time get together. What you can expect: I’ll ask clarifying questions and listen to your answers to help you see a road map to the changes you’re sensing within. Your genius is so ready to burst free. I can’t wait to help you access it!

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